Khia "straps up" to penetrate YG, Uses Siri to make sense of things

Earlier this month rapper YG released a track called Pop It which sampled the Queen's classic hit My Neck, My Back without permission.  Upon hearing this the Queen was not pleased and went straight to the studio to fire back.

In the diss called "Hit Him Up (Pop It) the Queen goes right in on YG calling him a bottom and talking about fucking him with a strap on.  She even begins the diss by asking Siri about Him (about 1:00 in the video).

The Queen definitely needs her own Siri commercial Apple!  Btw don't forget to mark your calendars that her new album Motor Mouf aka Khia Shamone drops July 17th!  It's sure to be fire just like Nasti Muzik!

Source: YouTube