Top Model Update Post!

Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1

What You Remember: Adrianne was the first winner of America's Next Top Model.
Now: Adrianne married her Surreal Life co-star Christopher Knight in 2005. After opening her personal life to reality TV cameras on My Fair Brady, Curry and Knight split in 2011. She's now a marijuana and World of Warcraft enthusiast who enjoys cosplay... a lot.

April Wilkner, Cycle 2

What You Remember: Half-Japanese April was criticized by Banks and crew for not celebrating her ethnicity (she had said in an interview that she did not consider herself solely Asian).
Now: April modeled extensively in Hong Kong before she became a television correspondent, working most recently as a host for New York Rangers fan features.

Yoanna House, Cycle 2

What You Remember: Yoanna lost 45 lbs before she auditioned for Top Model. She ended up winning the season with a helmeted beauty shot.
Now: Yoanna hosted The Look for Less and The N's Queen Bees before she married and gave birth to a daughter in 2008. She last made headlines for her altered appearance in 2010.

Eva Marcille/Pigford, Cycle 3

What You Remember: Feisty Eva was accused of being two-faced by her fellow contestants. She remains the shortest-ever winner of ANTM.
Now: Eva has starred in a few TV movies since leaving The Young and The Restless in 2009, and was engaged to actor Lance Gross for a time. She's now keeping busy with hosting gigs across the country.

Yaya DaCosta, Cycle 3

What You Remember: Brown University-educated dancer Yaya DaCosta was often accused of being stuck up. She lost in the final round to Eva Pigford.
Now: Multilingual Yaya has scored notable roles in TRON: Legacy, In Time, and House M.D., making her one of the most successful model-turned-actresses in ANTM's history. ETA: She also had a not-insubstantial part in The Kids Are All Right!

Rebecca Epley, Cycle 4

What You Remember: Rebecca passed flat out in front of the judges thanks to a malfunctioning vagus nerve.
Now: Epley married her best friend and moved to New York, and after modeling internationally for a few years, became a booking agent for a Minnesota promotional modeling agency.

Brittany Brower, Cycle 4

What You Remember: Gorgeous Brittany was frequently told her shots were "too sexy" for the 4th cycle of ANTM.
Now: Brittany is still doing commercial modeling, and now offers her alcohol-infused commentary on ANTM on her webseries Get Topped Off with Brittany Brower.

Keenyah Hill, Cycle 4

What You Remember: Keenyah annoyed fellow contestants when she cried on a visit to Nelson Mandela's cell... mainly because she had no clue who Mandela was, nor if he was alive or dead.
Now: Aspiring actress Keenyah lives in New York City, where she spends a lot of time tweeting about Virgos.

Michelle Deighton, Cycle 4

What You Remember: Michelle was the girl with the weird rash on her face. It wasn't, as some hypothesized, a flesh-eating bacterial infection. It was impetigo.
Now: Michelle seemed to have found reality TV bliss with Survivor's Jonny Fairplay, but the two split in 2011 after one child and 4 years of marriage. She's also tried her hand at wrestling.

Naima Mora, Cycle 4

What You Remember: Naima won the 4th cycle of ANTM, despite having been outcompeted by Kahlen Rondot at nearly every challenge.
Now: Naima attempted to break into showbiz, at one point landing an audition with Quentin Tarantino. These days, she can be found singing lead vocals for Galaxy of Tar.

Bre Scullark, Cycle 5

What You Remember: Bre, convinced fellow contestant Nicole had stolen her granola bars, dumped Nicole's Red Bull down the sink.
Now: Bre lives in New York, where she's landed reguar commercial work and a recurring role on Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse. In 2009, she was arrested for disorderly conduct after an altercation at a Starbucks.

Kim Stolz, Cycle 5

What You Remember: Cycle 5's Kim Stolz was the show's only openly lesbian contestant. She was also called an "ugly person" by fellow contestant Bre—for no good reason, really.
Now: Kim is a VJ for mtvU and an MTV News corespondent. In 2012, she announced her engagement to partner Lexi Ritsch via Twitter.

Diane Hernandez, Cycle 5

What You Remember: Miami-based Diane was ousted from ANTM's 5th cycle for supposedly lacking confidence.
Now: Diane has a successful commercial modeling career, posing for plus-sized clothing companies like Silhouettes and Marianne.

Nik Pace, Cycle 5

What You Remember: Drama-dodger Nik lost the 5th cycle of ANTM to North Dakota native Nicole Linkletter despite her clearly superior Covergirl commercial.
Now: Nik, who is signed to Ford, starred in an Essence editorial she shot just days before giving birth to her son in September 2009. She now splits time between NYC and Atlanta.

Nicole Linkletter, Cycle 5

What You Remember: Nicole took the 5th season of ANTM despite her fellow contestants' constant complaints about her immaturity.
Now: Linkletter had a successful international career, landing the cover of NYLON Mexico in 2009, as well as editorials in Elle Singapore, More Hong Kong, and Marie Claire Malaysia. In 2010, she was a featured model on the Forever 21 website.

Jade Cole, Cycle 6

What You Remember: "This is a competition. This is not 'America's Next Top Best Friend.'" That and her spoken word poetry.
Now: After spending some time modeling in South Africa and Asia, Jade returned to the States to pursue an acting career. She refused to participate in the "ANTM All Stars" season over contract issues.

Furonda Brasfield, Cycle 6

What You Remember: Furonda lost her cool during one of the final challenges her season, and treated an audience to a completely non-traditional Thai dance featuring a lot of "hula and club."
Now: Furonda is now a real estate agent in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Joanie Dodds, Cycle 6

What You Remember: Despite being the clear front-runner, Joanie lost the cycle to Danielle Evans. This was after she had major dental surgery for the sake of the competition.
Now: A licensed contractor, Joanie has hoasted Run My Renovation, a home-improvement show on the DIY Network, since 2009.

Danielle Evans, Cycle 6

What You Remember: Danielle Evans surprised everyone and won the 6th cycle of America's Next Top Model, despite being criticized for her thick Arkansas accent in her Covergirl commercial.
Now: Evans is one of the more successful ANTM winners, having been featured in Elle, Elle Girl, In Touch Weekly, and Essence.

Michelle and Amanda Babin, Cycle 7

What You Remember: Michelle and Amanda were the only identical twins to compete on Top Model. Michelle wowed the judges with her "bulimia" photo shoot, while Amanda impressed them with her drive.
Now: The twins starred in the thriller From Within in 2008. They live together in Los Angeles.

Eugena Washington, Cycle 7

What You Remember: In her audition, Eugena claimed that all the other past ANTM contestants had been boring. But she wasn't all that interesting in her season, either.
Now: Eugena transitioned from the runway to music videos, including B.o.B.'s "Nothing on You." She's also one of the faces of the Kardashian Kollection for Sears.

Melrose Bickerstaff, Cycle 7

What You Remember: Cycle 7 didn't have any villains, but the editing team tried to make one out of chipper type-A Melrose.
Now: After finishing second in the competition, Bickerstaff said she'd be working on Michelle Rodriguez's clothing line, Ishkidada. It didn't pan out, but Bickerstaff is still getting catalog work. She's also got her own bikini line.

CariDee English, Cycle 7

What You Remember: CariDee's psoriasis had kept her from pursuing modeling for most of her life. With her disease under control, she easily took the modeling competition, becoming the first blonde to come out on top.
Now: CariDee hosted Pretty Wicked on the Oxygen network. She's since focused on a music career.

Whitney Cunningham, Cycle 8

What You Remember: Dartmouth-educated Whitney wowed Tyra with her eloquence and self-confidence, but failed to produce a killer shot.
Now: Cunningham is now in the vodka business. She's a marketing manager at the Blue Flame Agency (Ciroc, anyone?).

Jael Strauss, Cycle 8

What You Remember: Jael got on 50 Cent's nerves at a party, so he pushed her into a pool. For some incomprehensible reason, fellow contestant Natasha Galkina jumped in with her.
Now: Jael's been under the radar since around January 2009, when she flashed everyone at an ANTM event.

Natasha Galkina, Cycle 8

What You Remember: Russian-born, Dallas-based Natasha was one of the show's most lovable contestants. Also, her skirt fell off during her final runway walk.
Now: Natasha is now an actress who goes by the stage name "Natalie Gal." She's scored small parts in Sex and the City 2 and Eat Pray Love, among others.

Jaslene Gonzalez, Cycle 8

What You Remember: Jaslene didn't make the final cut during the cycle 6 semi-finals, but she came back to defeat all of her competitors in cycle 7 with her self-proclaimed "drag queen" fierceness.
Now: Puerto Rican Jaslene is now based in New York, where she models, acts, and hosts. In 2012, she posed for Vogue India.

Bianca Golden, Cycle 9

What You Remember: Bianca Golden was clear villain in ANTM's Cycle 9, once telling winner Saleisha she was a plus-size model: "Check ya thighs in the mirror, Ma! And I'm done."
Now: After a very public altercation with Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky, runway regular Golden returned for Top Model: All Stars, only to refuse a challenge. ETA: Oxygen's been replaying her cycle the past few days and omg, she is SUCH a bitch to Heather. How rude and insensitive.

Chantal Jones, Cycle 9

What You Remember: Austin native Chantal made it to the Cycle 9 ANTM finals, only to lose to Saleisha after she briefly lost her composure during the final runway show.
Now: In 2009, Chantal starred in Pete Yorn's music video for "Don't Wanna Cry For You."

Lisa Jackson, Cycle 9

What You Remember: Tall, willowy Lisa consistently produced some of the best shots of Cycle 9, but she lacked the confidence to make the final three.
Now: Lisa is a consistently strong presence at New York Fashion Week season after season. In February 2012, she walked for Betsey Johnson, Imitation of Christ, and Pamela Rolland, among others.

Fatima Siad, Cycle 10

What You Remember: Bryn Mawr student and FGM survivor Fatima broke into tears when she met Tyra Banks. Tyra, of course, was thrilled.
Now: Who says a Top Model alum can't go high fashion? Cycle 10's Fatima Siad had a breakout year in 2011, walking for Hermés and Dries Van Noten in Paris and landing a major campaign with Hervé Léger.

Analeigh Tipton, Cycle 11

What You Remember: Ex-ice skater Analeigh told Tyra she'd been approached by sex traffickers posing as modeling agents.
Now: Tipton was passed over for a major role in the ill-fated CW show The Beautiful Life, but she wowed audiences a few years later with her portrayal of a teenager in love in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12

What You Remember: Tyra was so clearly in love with Teyona, it was clear from the second or third episode she'd take Cycle 12.
Now: Teyona now goes by the name Asia Anderson. It's working for her: She walked for Issey Miyake in early 2012.

Raina Hein, Cycle 14

What You Remember: Cycle 14 runner-up Raina had the judges gushing over her plump lips and strong eyebrows, but was criticized for her body type.
Now: Minnesota native Hein starred in the music video for Bon Iver's "Calgary," and has landed regular commercial work internationally.


Anyone know anything else about these girls/the ones not mentioned?