MIB3: Pros And Cons + Premiere Photos

PRO: It's better than "Men in Black II"
CON: That's not saying much

PRO: If you love Will Smith, you'll be in heaven
CON: Will Smith's acting

PRO: Josh Brolin
CON: Tommy Lee Jones

PRO: The villain's first scene
CON: Every other scene with the villain

PRO: Cameos
CON: Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin

PRO: The movie's alien design
CON: The movie's use of time-travel

PRO: The idea of Emma Thompson in this movie
CON: The use of Emma Thompson in this movie

PRO: The idea of added backstory
CON: The use of added backstory

PRO: The 3D doesn't look bad
CON: You do not need to see this in 3D

CON: Pitbull's song for the soundtrack, "Back in Time"
PRO: That gives us an excuse to listen to the "Men in Black" theme right now.