The most awkward sex scenes of the 2011-2012 TV season

It's been a pretty kinky year for TV.

Premium cable shows like HBO's "Girls" and "Game of Thrones" have set a high bar for awkward, explicit sex scenes, putting pressure on other networks to keep up their steaminess. And while the traditional networks can't get away with showing nudity, they've found their way around those pesky FCC regulations in a variety of bizarre and entertaining ways.

We've watched TV characters do it in the back of a car on top of a sandwich, next to a dead body and atop a Westeros-themed Risk table. Characters have been moved to spontaneous bouts of masturbation and doggy-style sex has gone hilariously awry. Poor Sally Draper walked in on her step-grandma going down on Roger Sterling. And "The Good Wife" triumphantly managed to depict a steamy lesbian sex scene with a mere off-screen hand movement.

All of the strange sex inspired HuffPost TV to fire up a supercut the TV sex scenes that made cringe and laugh uncomfortably since September. From "Mad Men" to "The Good Wife," "Girls" to "American Horror Story," enjoy some of the most awkward sex scenes TV had to offer this season.

Huffington Post

Any other scenes that should have been included?  I guess Theon fingering his own sister isn't considered awkward!