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Flawless and Humble Rapper, Khaled M, Talks About Trip to Libya/Future Music Plans

Last week, Khaled M returned to Chicago and paid a visit to Gowhere Hip Hop Headquarters to catch up with us, preview some new projects, and of course, share what he’s been up to for our newest interview for you all to see above! He sits down with Jen DeLeon and shares with us some chilling experiences while he was overseas in Libya, where his father was born, and amongst the many who have been fighting for freedom while even facing certain death. Khaled’s story will be amongst the many shared in a dope new, MTV Diary-esque series called ‘Sing Freedom’ and you can catch him in a powerful preview below.

Also in the interview, Khaled fills us in on what to expect on his upcoming EP, which includes collaborations with a new singer on our radar Tarik Adams, whom he was recording with in Chicago and we met at the HQ as well. He’s got some dope tunes in his own right so no doubt, these two are going to come up with something fresh. Finally, Khaled also has some good words on waking up and simply appreciating life and his blessings. We also have some fun in this one as you can see from Khaled and Jen’s discussion and some of the b-roll of all of us in the office. As we expected, Khaled has a lot of big looks coming on top of being featured on the likes of CNN and RollingStone. We got the early preview and we’ll be the first to keep you in the loop when Khaled releases some new music, but for now, get to know his story even more in our new interview above!


Khaled M is most famous for his revolution anthem "Can't Take Our Freedom" featuring UK rapper, Lowkey. The song was released days after the Libyan Revolution started. His bravery and background story is truly inspiring and I can't wait to hear more from him and other artists from the underground Libyan Hip Hop scene. Warning: some violent images in the video.

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