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It's a Britney Spears megapost, bitch.

While in London at a charity event, confirmed to an attendee that Britney Spears would, in fact, be on his album and that the track is "kind like 'Big Fat Bass'."

This is only exciting because 99.999% of the time Britney Spears collaboration rumors turn out to be horribly false. Lucky for Spears fans, that means new music for us next year.

Britney Spears has reportedly requested fried chicken, designer clothes and magnolia blossoms on her X Factor rider.

Auditions are due to kick off later this month and the 30-year-old singer apparently wants a variety of items in her dressing room.

Britney has reportedly requested a daily supply of fried chicken legs and breasts, along with a dozen Snickers bars. She also wants her fridge to be restocked each time she is filming.

Other food items include a daily delivery of snack size packets of Doritos and four pints of potato salad each week. To ensure she doesn't get thirsty, the star wants 24 cans of Diet Coke per week.

It's thought the items are to be shared among her friends and family, as Britney is believed to be on a strict diet and exercise regime at the moment.

She wants to look her best when the cameras are rolling, so will have a series of designer outfits to choose from. She is believed to be a huge fan of Hervé Léger and hopes to wear several items from the French fashion house during the live shows.

Britney also loves being surrounded by fragrant flowers, so has reportedly asked for 12 vases of her favourite magnolia blossoms to be placed around her dressing room during each show.

Britney Spears has found a way of winding down, as the singer has reportedly taken up golf.
And while she may be a petite blonde, the 30-year-old has reportedly been striking fear into the hearts of her fellow golfers.

Britney is so unskilled at the sport, others playing on the course around her are scared off by the star. She is understood to regularly lose control of her golf club and let go of it, and is rarely able to actually hit the ball.

A source said: ‘It's heads-up when she's around. She's hit a few golfers and managed to land balls in golf carts. But she's a good sport and laughs at herself.’

It has been reported that Britney took up the sport on the advice of her fiancé Jason Trawick, who believed it would help her relax.

And her two sons Sean Preston, six, and five-year-old Jayden James, are also learning to play.

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