ONTD Hot 100 2012

Because lbr, Maxim's Hot 100 kind of flopped.

NOTE: I tried to avoid douchebags, but I didn’t look too much into anyone so oop if I’ve dun goofed.

Also, alphabetized because I couldn’t be bothered to rank them/didn’t want the wank.

Finally: in order to truly objectify the male body, this post is hereby declared a PARTY POST in which you must all post (shirtless) pictures of incredibly hot guys—especially the ones I missed! ONTD, don’t fail me now…

1. Alfie Allen’s Lower Body

2. Alex O’Loughlin

3. Alexander Skarsgard

4. Barack Obama

POTUS needs to hit the gym…

5. Ben Barnes

6. Brad Pitt Ten Years Ago

7. Bradley Cooper

Tbh I have no idea who this guy is, I just hear his name a lot.

8. Bradley James

9. Chace Crawford

Lol @ this pic, but it’s cute.

10. Channing Tatum

Haters can gtfo. Bye.

11. Chris Egan

Single-handedly saved Letters to Juliet from being unwatchable. The accent helped.

12. Chris Evans

13. Chris Hemsworth

14. Christopher Gorham

15. Chord Overstreet

16. Clive Owen

17. Colin Farrell

Highly recommend In Bruges.

18. Colin Morgan

19. Cristiano Ronaldo

He plays sports or something, idk.

20. Daniel Craig

21. Daniel Dae Kim

Smh @ Hawaii Five-0 for not giving him any shirtless scenes.

22. Daniel Radcliffe

I tried to find a pic where he was overage, but I couldn’t tell with most of them so I think I wound up going too far in the other direction…

23. David Beckham

Do people still think he’s hot? No shade, legit curious.

24. Drew Van Acker

Even though the age difference is probably the same, I ship Jason/Aria… though lbr anything is better than Ezria.

25. Dwayne Johnson

26. Ed Westwick

We’re just going to pretend that Chuck Bass doesn’t exist.

27. Edward Norton

28. Eion Bailey

29. Eric Bana

30. Ewan McGregor

31. Gael García Bernal

32. Garrett Hedlund

Skeptics need to go see Country Strong.

33. George Clooney

34. Gerard Butler

35. Godfrey Gao

No idea who this guy is, but he keeps popping up on ONTD so I guess people like him.

36. Heath Ledger

RIP. =(

37. Hugh Jackman

38. Ian Harding

Let’s ignore any and all Ezria fail, mkay?

39. Ian Somerhalder

Lol @ the caption.

40. Idris Elba

41. Isaiah Mustafa

42. Jake Gyllenhaal

43. James McAvoy

44. Jamie Dornan

Was super pissed when they killed him off on Once Upon a Time… It was a warning sign that I should have paid attention to. =(

45. Jared Leto

46. Jared Padalecki

47. Jason Isaacs

I once said at gymnastics practice that Lucius Malfoy was a DILF, and this fourth-grader overheard me and told me I was weird. Oop.

48. Jensen Ackles

I remember back when I used to make LJ layouts, people would always ask me to make ones of him. I still have no idea who he is.

49. Jeremy Irons's Voice

50. Jeremy Renner

51. Jesse Williams

No Finnick wank, please!

52. Joe Dempsie

53. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Looks like a douchebag, is probably a douchebag, and yet… unf.

54. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

55. Josh Holloway

Might want to consider hitting the gym with the POTUS.

56. Josh Hutcherson

57. Julian Morris

58. Karl Urban

Éomer can do me any time.

59. Keegan Allen

60. Lee Pace

Can’t wait to see him as Thranduil.

61. Lenny Kravitz

62. Liam Hemsworth

63. Liam Neeson

64. Mark Ruffalo

65. Matt Bomer

66. Matt Damon

67. Michael Fassbender

68. Neil Jackson

What the hell happened to Sasha’s hair on “Make It or Break It” this season, I can’t even.

69. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

70. Olympic Swimmers


71. Orlando Bloom

Legolas fangirl 4 lyfe.

72. Patrick Dempsey

73. Paul Walker

Flawless actor/human being/boyfriend.

74. Pierce Brosnan

He will always be James Bond for me.

75. Prince Harry

76. Prince William

77. Richard Armitage

Do not see the attraction (he’s playing a dwarf, guys), but okay.

78. Richard Madden

79. Robert Downey, Jr.

Saw Iron Man yesterday and was underwhelmed. About to watch Iron Man 2… any better?

80. Ryan Gosling

Hey girl…

81. Sam Worthington (Sometimes)

Anyone who likes him or Keira Knightley should watch Last Night. Beautiful movie, very strong acting on his part.

82. Shemar Moore

I’ve never watched “Criminal Minds,” but he popped up when I Googled “hot male TV actors,” and he definitely fits the bill…

83. Sendhil Ramamurthy

Don’t like how they’ve been making him a douchebag on “Covert Affairs.” =/

84. Shia Labeouf

Hate his face, hate his name.

85. Skandar Keynes

Don’t even lie, watching people freak out over their sudden attraction to him was hilarious.

86. Sung Kang

I’m glad they ignored the fact that he died in the third Fast & Furious movie and brought him back for the fourth/fifth.

87. Taylor Lautner

88. These People

89. T.I.

90. Tom Felton

91. Tom Hardy

92. Tom Hiddleston

93. Tom Wlaschiha

94. Tommy Oliver

95. Tyrese Gibson

96. Usher

U got it bad…

97. Viggo Mortensen

98. Vin Diesel

99. William Levy

He’s a very good motivator to watch Spanish television and brush up on the language. ;)

100. Zac Efron

And none for Benedict Cumberbatch, bye.

Source: My general observations around ONTD (and, admittedly, some personal bias).