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DC Comics to switch the sexual orientation of an established character

Comics fans and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere are abuzz with news that a major DC Comics character will "come out" in a future issue.

Details of the character and the specific story arc are relatively scarce thus far, but as Bleeding Cool is reporting, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio told attendees at the Kapow Comic Convention in London that the superhero - an established player in one of the series, and who was originally introduced as straight - will become "one of our most prominent gay characters."

Previously, DC's policy has been to introduce new LGBT characters rather than switch the orientation of existing characters. When asked why DC would switch race, size, age, and other identifying features of characters, but not orientation, DiDio explained that they had changed DC’s policy in this regard.

As Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne explained, just like the President of the United States, the co-publisher’s policy on this “has evolved.”

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They'll probably cop out and make it some second stringer - the most popular theories right now seem to be Catman or Mr. Freeze. I hope they make Earth-2 Superman gay or something, so we watch the inevitable shitstorm when Fox News doesn't understand the concept of parallel universes.
Tags: batman, comic books, dc comics, lgbtq / rights, nerd alert
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