Zayn Malik Tattoos : Meaning and Explanation

Zayn Malik Tattoos : Meaning and Explanation
Zayn Malik Tattoos with meaning and explanation. Zayn Malik is a member of British Boyband One direction, The band was created under the show called X Factor.

Zayn Malik (19) known for being a bad boy of the group, so far he has 7 tattoos all over his body. The Very newest tattoo is the silver vern tattoo on his neck and an arab inscription on his left collarbone that later he tweeted himself has a meaning "be true to who you are"

In This lens, I will try to give you directioners, complete info about Zayn Malik tattoos with pictures meaning and explanation. Be sure to check back this page as if he will ink his body with new tattoo in near future ( I bet he will, lol).

Table of Contents:

1. Zayn Malik Tattoo: A Yin Yang symbol Tattoo on his wristCollapse )
2. Zayn Malik Tattoo: A picture of crossed fingers on his forearmCollapse )
3. Zayn Malik Tattoo: His grandfather's name Collapse )
4. Zayn Malik Tattoo: A playing CardCollapse )
5. Zayn Malik Tattoo: A heart symbolCollapse )
6. Zayn Malik Tattoo: A silver fern on his neckCollapse )
7. Zayn Malik Tattoo: An inscription across his left collarboneCollapse )