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Surprise Trivia Post!

We haven't had a trivia post for ages. ONTD, get your fighting gloves on and get your singing voices ready, because we all know this post will bring out the best of ONTD.


Let's get down to business. In order. This includes ALL princesses. The rest of the Disney girls will come later. 

Snow White/Fairest of Them All
Voiced by: Adriana Caselotti
Year released: 1937
​Main Song: Someday My Prince Will Come, I'm Wishing. 
Sidekicks: Yes. 7 Dwarves.
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes.
Trademarks: Voice, Red head band.
Dresses: Brown work dress, blue dress with yellow skirt. 
Special "Abilities": Chit chatting with animals. 
Prince: Snow Prince.
Disney Parks Attractions?: Yes.
~ First Disney Princess. 
~ Youngest princess at the age of 14. 
~ First princess to be an orphan.
~ Snow White has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (given on June 28, 1987)
~ One of "five Princesses" who is of royal blood.
~ She was the first princess to communicate with wildlife, followed by Sleeping Beauty.
~ One of three Princesses not to have a sequel.
~ Didn't have any animal friends in the original story. 
~ During the original story, the queen drops dead during the wedding, and the prince and Snow laugh about it. 
~ One of two Princesses to be tempted by a villain (the other being Ariel). 
~ Only Princess and first of two Disney females to be seen praying. 
~ The prince had a much larger role, but animating him was difficult, so his role was cut down. 
~ The Hollywood Film Industry was convinced Snow White was going to fail. 
~ Out of 25 films written for the movie, only 8 were used. 


Name(s): Cinderella/Cinderelly
Voiced by: Ilene Woods
Year released: 1950 
​Main Song: Sing Sweet Nightingale, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes. 
Sidekicks: Jacques, Gus, Suzy, Perla, Bruno, Major, Fairy Godmother. 
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes. 
Trademarks: Singing voice, attitude, big blue ballgown. 
Dresses: "Rags" outfit, pink dress, big blue ballgown. 
Special "Abilities": Communicating with animals. 
Prince: Prince Charming. 
Disney Parks Attractions?: Yes. 
~ First princess to be seen as a little girl. 
~ Shoe size is 4.5 womens. 
~ First princess not to be of "noble blood". 
~ Name means Little Ash Girl. 
~ Most popular Princess amongst children. 
~ Is the oldest Disney Princess (age 19). 
~ First Princess to have a horse. 
~ Second Princess to be an orphan. 
~ Gus' proper name is Octavius. 
~ Hidden Mickey pops up during Cinderella's version of "Sing, Sweet Nightingale". 
~ The Prince's name is never mentioned (much like how the Beast's name is never mentioned), it is assumed he's Prince Charming. 
~ Considered the "leader" of the Princesses.
~ In the original story, Cinderella must leave two balls before midnight. Also, Anastasia and Drizella beg for forgiveness and are pardoned.


Name(s): Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Briar Rose 
Voiced by: Mary Costa
 Year Released: 1959
​Main Song: Once Upon a Dream. 
Sidekicks: Flora, Fauna and Merriweather, the animals
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes. 
Trademarks: Animal friends (I'm detecting a pattern here with all the animals), Voice. 
Dresses: Peasant dress, blue/pink dress.
Special "Abilities": Again with the animals!
Prince: Philip 
Disney Park Attractions?: Yes. 
~ Audrey Hepburn served as inspiration. 
~ First Princess to have an alias. 
~ Much of the musical score is based on Tchkaivosky's ballet. 
~ Only has 18 minutes of screentime. (It's true, I timed it).
~ Briar Rose is also the name of the Brothers Grimm version of the story. 
~ In Latin, Aurora means sunrise or dawn. 
~ Third youngest Princess, preceded by Snow (14) and Jasmine (15). 
~ First Disney Princess to have both parents featured in the film. 
~ Second of the princesses to be of noble birth. 
~ Her Princess dresses switches between blue and pink. 
~ Aurora's eyes change colour throughout the movie. 
~ Tallest of the Princesses. 
~ In the original story, Aurora and Philip have a girl (Dawn) and a boy (Day). 
~ Maleficient and Lady Tremaine were both voiced by Eleanor Audley. 


Name(s): Eilonwy
Voiced by: Susan Sheridan
Year Released: 1985
​Main Song: None.
Sidekicks: Gurgi, Magic Bauble. 
Originated from another fairy tale?: No, but there was a book series. 
Trademarks: Magic Bauble. 
Dresses: Pink and violet dress.
Special "Abilities": None, except the use of the bauble. 
Prince: Taran, although he isn't a prince.
Disney Park Attractions?: Nope.
~ If she were to join the Princess franchise, she'd be the youngest, at the age of 12. 
~ In the book series, she's barefooted. In the movie, she wears shoes. 
~ Instead of having animal sidekicks, she possesses a magical bauble as her sidekick. 


Name(s): Ariel
Voiced by: Jodi Benson 
Year Released: 1989
​Main Song: Part of Your World, Part of That World.
Sidekicks: Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle 
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yuperoos.
Trademarks: The tail, Dinglehopper, 
Dresses: Sail dress, Pink and White Dress, Wedding Dress, Blue and Black Dress (the outing dress).
Special "Abilities": Her voice and being a mermaid?
Prince: Eric. 
Disney Park Attractions?: Yup.
~ Age 16. 
~ Her sisters are: Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana. 
~ Only princess not to be born human.
~ Only red headed Princess. 
~ Her name is of Roman origin and doesn't end in the letter 'A', where as her sisters' name are of Greek origin, and all end in 'A'.
~ Only Princess to have a child. 
~ Ariel is the only Princess to have biological sisters.
~ Her liplines were hand inked.
~ Was made a redhead to specifically make her different from Daryl Hannah's mermaid in Splash. 
~ The shot where Ariel is reaching out through the skylight of the grotto was the last shot to be done.
~ In the original story, the little mermaid dies.
~ Jodi Benson asked that the recording studio lights be dimmed so that she would feel as if she was actually under water.
~ Jodi Benson also provided the voice of Barbie in Toy Story 2&3. 
~ Jodi is seen in Enchanted.
~ "Part of Your World" was going to be cut from the movie, as Katzenberg felt it dragged the movie down.
~ Second princess to feature in a Broadway Musical. 


Name(s): Belle, The Girl. 
Voiced by: Paige O'Hara
Year Released: 1991 
​Main Song: Belle.
Sidekicks: Chip, Phillipe, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Wardrobe, Babette/Fifi.
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes indeed.
Trademarks: Reading skills, Always having a book.
Dresses: Blue Dress, Yellow/Gold Ballgown, Green Dress, Pink/Purple Dress.
Special "Abilities": Intelligence, Imagination. 
Prince: Beast/Prince/Prince Adam
Disney Park Attractions?: Yes.
~ Glen Keane (Beast's head animator) and the producers (on separate occasions) have all specifically said the Beast did not have a name and that Adam was made up by the fans. Adam was first officially mentioned on a Disney computer game, and is mentioned in several rooms at Disney World's Port Orleans Riverside, so it seems has been officially confirmed as Adam. 
~ Only character to wear blue in her village. 
~ First Princess film to have a male villain.
~ Second not to be of royal descent (after Cinderella). 
~ Is roughly 17. In the alternate beginning on the diamond edition, her 17th birthday is mentioned.
~ Second to have a hobby (reading). 
~ When Paige O'Hara auditioned, a piece of hair flew in her face and she moved it. This made it into the movie.
~ Paige is seen in Enchanted. 
~ Was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
~ Belle is spotted in "Out There" from Hunchback of Notre Dame, walking through tie village, reading a book. 
~ Last Princess to have both her singing and speaking voice done by the same actress, until Tiana.
~ Only princess not to sing the film's theme song (Beauty and the Beast)
~ In the original story, the prince was not turned into a beast because he turned away an enchantress. It was because he refused to marry his evil fairy godmother.
~ Paige O'Hara was crying when recording the scene where Belle is crying over Beast. It became so intense, the director asked if she was okay, she dropped out of character and said, "Acting!"


Name(s): Jasmine
Voiced by: Linda Larkin (speaking), Lea Salonga (singing voice)
Year Released: 1992 
​Main Song: A Whole New World. 
Sidekicks: Rajah.
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes.
Trademarks: Independence.
Dresses: Blue Top, Blue Pants, Red Top, Red Pants, Wedding Dress in the sequel. 
Special "Abilities": Attitude, Independence? 
Prince: Aladdin/Ali
Disney Park Attractions?: Yes.
~ Was based upon Jennifer Connolly and Jasmine's animator's sister.
~ One of five to be of royal descent.
~  In the original fairy tale, her name was Princess Badroulbadou. 
~ Only princess to be kissed by a villain.
~ Jasmine is the first to wear pants, followed by Mulan.
~ Third princess to have a major stage show (although not on Broadway), preceeded by Belle and Ariel.
~ Aladdin was the first film to include a "major film star" (Robin Williams). 
~ An IMAX film was planned but never came about.
~ Jasmine's hair was based upon a Disney World visitor that her main animator spotted.
~ Sixth Disney Princess. 
~ First princess to marry someone of non-royal descent. 


Name(s): Pocahontas. 
Voiced by: Irene Bedard (speaking), Judy Kuhn (singing).
Year Released: 1995.
​Main Song: Colours of the Wind, Just Around the Riverbend.
Sidekicks: Meeko, Flit, Percy, Grandmother Willow. 
Originated from another fairy tale?: No. Based on a real person. 
Trademarks: Nature abilities, necklace, arm tattoo.
Dresses: Brown dress. 
Special "Abilities": Ability to interact with nature. 
Prince: John Smith, then John Rolfe but we'll focus on the original film. 
Disney Park Attractions?: Not really, unless you count having a section in Fantasmic.
~ Name was Matoaka, which means "Little Mischief".
~ Approx. 18
~ Only Princess to have two love interests.
~ Legend has it that Pocahontas changed her name to Rebecca, but it's not mentioned in the films.
~ Only one to not have a "happy ending", as she chooses to remain in America and not go with John Smith.
~ First Princess to have a best friend (Nakoma).
~ Second princess to be shown in bare feet.
~ According to legend, Pocahontas ended up having a son with John Rolfe named Thomas.
~ First princess to be an American. 
~ Only princess to have a visible tattoo. 
~ First to deal with racism. 
~ Judy Kuhn (singing voice) appears in Enchanted.
~ First Disney film to be based upon a true story.
~ In real life, Pocahontas would most likely be topless.
~ Is considered one of the more beautiful Princesses.
~ Irene Bedard was the physical model for Pocahontas. 


Name(s): Mulan, Fa Mulan, Ping.
Voiced by: Ming-Na (speaking), Lea Salonga 
Year Released: 1998.
​Main Song: Reflection. 
Sidekicks: Mushu, Crikee, Khan, Little Brother. 
Originated from another fairy tale?: Mix between true story and legend. 
Trademarks: Martial Arts Skills, Disguise Abilities.
Dresses: Gown for Matchmaker, Army Outfit, Ending Battle Outfit. 
Special "Abilities": Martial arts skills, Smarts, Disguise Abilities.
Prince: Captain Li Shang. 
Disney Park Attractions?: Nope, apart from meet and greets.
~ Approx. 16 years old. 
~ One of four not to be of European descent.
~ First non-actual Princess, and third not to be born of royal descent. 
~ First to be seen wearing shorts and a tank top.
~ The scene where Mulan disarms Shan-Yu with a fan is an actual martial arts move.
~ "Fa" in the Cantonese Pronunciation of Mulan's family name. 
~ Lea Salonga auditioned for Mulan's speaking voice and was told her voice was too deep. She ended up doing Mulan's singing voice.
~ First Disney DVD to be released.
~ Tia Carrerre was the first choice to play Mulan.
~ Her parents' names Fa Zhou and Fa Li. Her grandmother's name is Grandmother Fa.
~ In the Chinese Legend, Mulan's name is actually Hua Mulan. 
~ Only princess known to have a family name.
~ Left handed.
~ Second princess to have the largest amount of animal companions.


Name(s): Kidagakash, Kida
Voiced by: Cree Summer
Year Released: 2001
​Main Song: None. 
Sidekick(s): I guess Milo? 
Originated from another fairy tale?: Nope. 
Trademarks: Hair colour
Dresses: Blue Dress with Coat.
Special "Abilities": Healing Powers
Prince: Milo Thatch
Disney Park Attractions?: None at all.
~ Although she is a princess, later Queen, she is not included in the Princess line up.
~ Oldest princess of the Disney Princesses, at over 8000 years old. 
~ Cree Summer did the voice of Suzie in The Rugrats.
~ Only Princess to have completely, natural white hair. 
~ Kida does not sing at all during either film. 
 I can't find a decent video of Kida. 

Name(s): Tiana, Tia.
Voiced by: Anika Noni Rose.
Year Released: 2009.
​Main Song: Almost There, Down in New Orleans.
 Sidekick(s): Ray, Louis, Lottie La Bouff.
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes, from The Frog Prince and also based on a true story.
Trademarks: Cooking Abilities. 
Dresses: Restaurant Dresses, Costume Party Dresses, Wedding Dresses. 
Special "Abilities": Cooking Abilities.
Prince: Naveen. 
Disney Park Attractions?: Yes, Tiana's Mardi Gras. 
~ Only Princess is to have dimples.
~ Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson were all considered for the voice of Tiana. Tyra and Alicia both fought for the role.
~ Is left handed, as Anika Noni Rose is left handed.
~ Second Princess to be shown as a little girl.
~ Tiana translates as "princess" in modern day English.
~ Second Princess to transform (following Ariel). 
~ First Princess to have an actual job. 
~ First princess in 18 years to have one actress do both her singing and speaking voice. 
~ Second Princess to kill the film's villains (first being Mulan). 
~ Tiana is considered the only realist out of the Princesses.
~ Spends only 19 minutes on screen out of the entire film. 
~ She and Esmerelda are the only ones spotted in a holy building. 
~ Has 11 outfit changes throughout the movie.


Name(s): Rapunzel
Voiced by: Mandy Moore
Year Released: 2010
Main Song: When Will My Life Begin?, I See The Light. 
Sidekick(s): Pascal, Maximus.
Originated from another fairy tale?: Yes. 
Trademarks: Hair. 
Dresses: Purple Dress, Wedding Dress.
Special "Abilities": Magic hair. 
Prince: Flynn Ryder.
Disney Park Attractions?: Not really, unless you count the big meet and greet/activity.
~ Kristin Chenoweth was originally supposed to play Rapunzel.
~ The film switched titles from Rapunzel to Tangled, so that it would appeal more to boys.
~ First Princess film to receive a PG rating.
~ Is constantly barefoot, like Mandy Moore (speaking/singing voice), as Mandy constantly performs barefoot.
~ Rapunzel's hair is approximately 70 feet long, has about 100,000 strands, and weighs about 10.4 pounds.
~ Rapunzel's parents don't say a word for the entire film.
~ The way that Rapunzel climbs her hair is an actual aerial silk climbing technique.
~ Rapunzel's hair colour mirrors Mandy Moore's. Mandy started her career as a blonde, but went back to her natural brown. 
~ 18 years old.
~ Becomes Queen of Corona. 
~ Second Princess to have her hair cut.
~ First to have magic powers.
~ At the beginning, we see a mobile hanging up above Rapunzel's crib. Hanging from the mobile are a chameleon, a rubber ducky, a cupid, a blue bird and a horse.
~ Out of the other married Princesses, Rapunzel's veil of her wedding dress is the longest one.

I'll do an entry for Merida once we know more about her. I know Nala's a princess but I'll include her in the Disney Women Post. 


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