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Will Smith says he's the 'natural choice' to play Obama

Will Smith has been speaking to the BBC's Susanna Reid about his latest movie, Men In Black III.

The film sees the Hollywood actor return to his role as a government agent battling alien invasion on Earth.

The star discussed his excitement about the 3D effects used during the movie, and his own concerns about seeing his ears on the big screen.

Smith also spoke about the possibility of him playing the part of Barack Obama in a future film about the US president.

Men In Black III film clips courtesy of Sony Pictures

Will Smith says he's the 'natural choice' to play Obama

LONDON -- Will Smith is convinced he is the "natural choice" to portray President Obama onscreen.

"It's about the ears, that's the thing," Smith said in a BBC interview Monday, when asked about rumors he could play the Commander-in-Chief someday in a biopic.

"People see the ears and Barack and I both have the ears, so I'm the most natural choice," Smith continued.

"I told [Obama] jokingly, 'It's definitely something I would consider, you just have to write the ending.' So he's working on the ending right now," the Oscar-nominee added.

Smith, 43, is currently in Europe promoting "Men in Black 3." The film, also starring Tommy Lee Jones, hits US theaters May 25.

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