Dani (thatbrokensound) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Listen To A New Cheryl Cole Song

Cheryl Cole has kept a pretty low profile lately, but that should change soon when her new single “Call My Name” is officially released in a few weeks in the UK. The 28-year-old English singer looked magnificent as she posed through a tunnel and sort of danced with her dance crew in the music video for the Calvin Harris produced track, which premiered a few weeks ago, but we want to see MORE of the former Girls Aloud songstress!

Luckily, there's two brand-new tracks included on her “Call My Name” EP to satisfy your eardrums for now. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that these new songs are B-sides, and they're not as exciting as the first single. What is exciting though, is that they showcase two different vibes for her new album.

One of the two songs is “Telescope.” It's a beautifully written piano-driven ballad about her seeing her relationship coming to an end. The best part about the song, is that it's very simple, and really showcases her vocals. It's refreshing because I think that we sometimes get so caught up in Cheryl's celebrity persona, that we forget that before she was a celebrity judge on The X Factor and a huge fashion icon, it was her talent as a singer that started her career.


Tags: cheryl cole, music / musician (pop)
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