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The Borgias 2x08 "Truth and Lies" Promo

The Borgias 2x08 "Truth and Lies" (June 3rd)
Upon his return to Rome, Juan spins an elaborate yarn about how he received his "battle wounds," but Cesare is unconvinced and determined to learn the truth. Meanwhile, Lucrezia takes a lover, the younger brother of her intended; and Della Rovere recruits an accomplice for his assassination plot.

Nurse Jackie 4x08 "Chaud & Froid" (June 3rd)
When Cruz learns about Jackie's rehab, he takes revenge on coworkers who have been covering up her drug problems. Meanwhile, Eddie is deposed by Kevin's lawyer; a dumped Lenny decides to take off for Europe; and Coop accompanies O'Hara to her ob-gyn appointment.

The Big C 3x08 "Killjoy" (June 3rd)
Cathy makes things right with Dave and Maxine, and has a run-in with Joy concerning Paul. Meanwhile, Sean realizes that there are two distinct sides to his relationship with Giselle and Tim; and Paul is surprised to discover something entirely new about Cathy.

Veep 1x06 "Baseball" (May 27th)
Selina hosts a conference to promote healthful eating at Baltimore's Camden Yards baseball park, but her pitch is balked at by some foul-tempered fast-food executives. Meanwhile, Mike holds a press briefing for local reporters; and Amy and Dan do their best to entertain students at an elementary school before the vice president shows up.

Girls 1x07 "Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident" (May 27th)
At a raging party in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, Hannah sees a different side of Adam; Jessa lures the sender of an anonymous text message; Marnie finds out what Charlie's been up to for the past two weeks; and Shoshanna gets a hand from Ray when she needs it most.

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