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lol I used Google Translate to get the articles in English. Knock yourselves out! Oh and I think blue in Turkey mean mavi

Adriana's not sold in white
Year Blue and the new season, covering 50 per cent growth for the first quarter of the deal had revived his famous top model Adriana Lima. Lima's blue and white jacket worn by advertising, saw demand higher than expected stocks run out. Store officials said Lima wore the white jacket that women demanded sharply, "the majority of customers from the store wants to get Adriana Lima wearing white jacket, but the stocks are exhausted. Company sent a charge for the center" gave information. If the General Manager of Blue Cuneyt Yavuz, the products on celebrities all over the world much more than normal demand for the product he saw on display, but no one selling brand in terms of the product said it was a pleasant situation. Yavuz, "Adriana Lima with the influence of campaign increased store traffic by 20 percent," he said. Yavuz, 2012 Autumn-Winter season with Adriana Lima also expressed that they were breaking a global agreement.

Women 'Adriana red' in the chase, Mavi's sales increased by 50 percent

Demet Cengiz BİLGİN
May 9, 2012

Blue, a Brazilian model Adriana Lima advertising campaign which began with the sales by 50 percent. General Manager of Blue Cuneyt Yavuz, "This campaign was the highest increase in product sales. Wanted to go to the shops they saw the ad on Women Adrina'nın. Products I want Adriana red, "he said.

BLUE, Adriana Lima in the first quarter of 2012 started with the ad campaign, sales increased 50 percent. Adrina Lima Brazilian model, indicating increased interest in women Blue General Manager with Mavi Cuneyt Yavuz, "This campaign was the highest increase in product sales. Women go to the shops where products on Adrina'nın wanted ad. Even the products 'Adriana red shirt, pants,' I want, "he said. Emphasizing that the increase in the expectations mentioned above Yavuz said: "We have passed the impact of Kivanc Tatlıtu�Ÿ'lu ads. High consumer interest in products where the celebrities. They wore too much in demand as they wore kivanc Adrina'nın. Adriana was wearing red that the second party products manufacturing had so much interest. "
Adriana is a global face
Providing 20 percent increase in traffic in stores and online, 28 million people watch the ad film world, 12 million people on Twitter are talking, and that trend-topic Yavuz said, "Adriana 20 percent of the number of fans increased Mavi Lima'yla cooperation on Facebook. Adriana Lima and Germany, Russia and Europe have agreed to use his face as a global. Together we will meet in order to produce the collection, "he said.

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