Gabrielle Union is Serious About Skincare and Water

Gabrielle Union doesn't "mess around" when it comes to her skincare.

The actress is an avid user of sunscreen - especially when she's partaking in outdoor exercise. Gabrielle doesn't care for sun worshipping, and prefers to cover up under the harsh rays.

"I don't tan on purpose, but I do a lot of beach workouts. But I go SPF 110," she laughed to People. "I don't mess around."

Gabrielle has been a brand spokeswoman for Neutrogena since 2004 and is currently promoting their new Choose Skin Health campaign, which aims to fight skin cancer. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and the 39-year-old star doesn't want to become a statistic.

"As an African-American woman, culturally we have been told that we have natural protection against the sun - but we're absolutely part of the one in five," she explained. "As I've gotten older, I've seen relatives' moles change shape, and they think, 'That's cute - it's like Janet Jackson!' But it's not cute - it's called melanoma."

Gabrielle says her daily skincare regime is "painfully simple". The stunning star prefers to sport a natural beauty look in the day.

"I use a grapefruit cleanser because it smells good and it's got salicylic acid. If I'm having a breakout I'll use something that's acne specific, but usually it's always my clear pore astringent and my trusty sunblock," she said.

"I pop on some lip gloss and mascara and I keep it moving."

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