Miley Cyrus: The Conversation Full Interview, Leaving Miami and more...

WATCH THE FULL 'THE CONVERSATION' EPISODE HERE Miley is the first interview at 1.28

This is such an amazing interview. Her best yet imo. :)

Miley worked with Pharrell while in Miami. So excited to hear her new music!

Sad/sweet fan story

Molly Dunne is a 7 year old girl who was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension and HHT. One of her dreams was to meet Miley Cyrus. Molly’s friends got to meet Miley in Miami, and Miley wrote Molly a note. Miley even called the girl. A few hours later, Molly passed away. 

A friend of Molly’s family shared what Miley did:

“I’m so impressed that Miley took the time to call Molly not once, but twice, and has asked for Molly’s picture to keep with her. Sometimes people really surprise me. It’s nice. Miley was going to fly to Wilmington to see Molly on Friday. I find that amazing. Last night before Molly passed away, Miley called, didn’t get through, checked to make sure she had the right number and called again. Molly’s grand mom Courtney Porstman said that Molly understood who it was on the phone. After the call, they asked Molly if she knew who that was on the phone. She smiled and nodded “yes”. A little touch of joy at a very sad time.” Sweet Molly passed away at 3:30 am surrounded by her family.

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