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Saoise Ronan at the Cinemagic International Festival and at the Barry McCall Exhibition

Birthday girl won't be losing the plot

Actress Saoirse Ronan conceded last night that every part she takes from now on will have a love interest, as she opened 'Pho20graphy' -- an exhibition by Barry McCall at the Copper House Gallery in aid of the ISPCC in Dublin last night.

But the Carlow girl, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday on the set of movie 'The Host', has said plot concerns her more than romantic clinches.

"It's a given at this stage that romantic stories are going to be offered to me but I'm more interested in the story and characters. It's just not important if there are love scenes in it," she told the Irish Independent yesterday.

The screen star had not one, but two on-screen love interests in the adaptation of the bestselling novel from 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons -- son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack -- and American Jake Abel.

Saoirse plays young rebel Melanie, one of the last humans fighting a parasitic alien species whose body is invaded by an alien soul.

"I have two different characters who are in love with different men.

"The good thing was that I got on so well with Max and Jake. I knew them both before we started filming and we were very comfortable working together," she said.

Both attended Saoirse's birthday party which took place on the film's set in New Mexico during filming.


"It was my third birthday on the set of a film. I usually never minded being away filming for a birthday but because this was 18th and special, I kind of wanted to be at home.

"But it turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever because I got to watch this amazing car stunt being filmed, and they hired this local band and gave me a special birthday cake," she said.

And Saoirse got a second birthday cake yesterday when she turned up to meet some of the participants in the Coca-Cola Cinemagic International Film & Television Festival for Young People in Dublin's Burlington Hotel.

'The Host' is expected to propel Saoirse to superstardom but the young actress revealed the success of latest film 'Hanna' --which has taken $63m (€49.3m) worldwide, and $40m (€31.3m) alone at the US box office, has already made her name in the US.

"I've started to get recognised in America. It was strange because I have never had that before, but I suppose if a film does commercially well, you get recognised around the world."

She starts her next film, dark teen love story 'How I Live Now' with director Kevin Macdonald next month.

Now in its fifth year, the Cinemagic festival runs until Sunday and offers young people an insight into the film and television industry.

The 18-year-old features on the cover of the book 'Pho20graphy'. Published in 2010, and created as a 20-year retrospective of award-winning photographer Barry McCall, the book raised €350,000 for Irish children's charity ISPCC.

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