Josh Hutcherson reveals why he got his nose did

Josh Hutcherson's nose was BROKEN IN A CRAZY BAR FIGHT ... would have been a much cooler explanation than the one he gave us yesterday.

The "Hunger Games" star was out in Beverly Hills ... sans nose bandages ... when we asked about the mystery surrounding his messed up honker.

In case you haven't been following ... earlier this month, Josh said he underwent surgery for a "broken nose" -- but he wouldn't explain how it happened.

His rep later insisted the nose wasn't broken ... and the surgery was merely to correct a deviated septum.


Josh finally explained himself yesterday ... and his story could finally end the mystery forever!!!

Josh Hutcherson has finally spoken out about the mysterious nose job that he recently tweeted about.

A few days ago The Hunger Games star sent a message to Jennifer Love Hewitt telling her that he just had surgery to fix his broken nose. However, he failed to explain what was wrong with his snout.

So did Josh get hit in the face by his costar Jennifer Lawrence, who once gave him a concussion? Or did he get in a drunken fight with someone? After all, the 18-year-old has been spotted buying alcohol even though he's underage.

Unfortunately for those who love juicy bits of gossip about Josh Hutcherson, he didn't say that his busted beak has a great story behind it; the actor told TMZ that he simply had to have surgery because he was suffering from a deviated septum.

According to Josh, his right nostril was 90 percent blocked. Symptoms of a deviated septum can include sinus infections, snoring, sleep apnea and having difficulty in breathing. Of course that last symptom would be pretty difficult for an action star like Josh to deal with; he had to get really physical for The Hunger Games, and is going to have to do it again in Catching Fire.

The most common cause of a deviated septum is trauma to the face, but Josh said that he was simply born with the condition that can be caused by compression of the nose during childbirth.

Deviated septums seem to be really common in the Hollywood area; apparently being tan, thin, blonde and female is a big risk factor. It's possible that Josh could have used the deviated septum excuse to get a nose job for cosmetic reasons, but there was definitely nothing wrong with the way it looked before. So J-Hutch fans will be relieved to know that they don't have to worry about the actor turning into Michael Jackson (or any of those freaky folks from the Capitol) anytime soon.

he sounds so stuffed up. poor bb needs to get better soon tbh!!!!!