'90210' season finale react: Really?!

More than a few were surprised when 90210 was renewed for another season, but after watching tonight’s season finale, I got the idea that the producers were confident that they’d be returning. After all, if they didn’t think they’d come back for a fifth season, they never would have left off on a huge cliffhanger.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, so let’s just break this up by subject:

I’m doing this first to get it over with because this was just painful to watch. In an otherwise packed episode, I wish these two could have just decided to run away to Mexico before we had to watch the gang throw a terribly boring, semi-offensive rally for Diego’s citizenship. But all that happened in reverse, with the bright spot being that Ivy and Diego are now in Mexico. Please don’t come back.

On to the good stuff. At one point in the episode, I was fairly sure Silver had made her choice (Navid) and would stick with it. But Navid was interested in being more than just a sperm donor, and rising superstar (color me surprised…) Liam admitted that he didn’t want a baby just yet. So what’s a girl looking for a few good swimmers to do? Call Teddy, naturally. Yup, he’s been drafted into baby-daddy duty. Weird? Maybe. But the girl had a point. She wanted the father of her baby to be someone she was sure would always be in her life, and let me tell you, when you find a good gbff, you never want to let him go. Also, that child is going to be gorgeous.

I’ve been a fan of this beauty-and-the-geek storyline since the start. (Not to brag. Actually, yes, I’m bragging.) So when Naomi crashed Max’s wedding, I alternated between yelling, “She’s crazy!” and “Say something, Max!” But Max just stood there in shock as Naomi embarrassed herself in the name of love. Luckily, it worked out. He eventually came to her and told her he decided not to marry plain-Jane Madison. There are still many questions here, though. Is Naomi ditching the job in New York? Is the assumption that Max and Naomi are in it for the long haul? Is Madison still moving in across the street to watch Naomi and Max live happily ever after? Can you imagine how creepy that would be? It’s so creepy, I like it.

He chose Jesus. Amen
Last but not least, here’s the night’s big “shocker:” Adrianna got a series of romantic voicemails from Dixon and ended up in a very Gossip Girl-eque predicament. Dixon asked her to meet him in a specific spot at a specific time if she still loved him. She does, of course. So she was there — but he wasn’t. Sad and disappointed, she headed to the airport where she was set to meet up with Austin to head to Vegas to open for his dad. Then, we cut to Dixon, who called Navid to explain that a a perfect storm of inconvenience — flat tire and bad cell reception — prevented him from making it to Adrianna on time. So Dixon asked his friend to tell Adrianna what happened and tell her that he still loves her. Here’s hoping Navid wrote it all down, because on cue, Dixon’s car was hit by a giant truck.

Now, I love a car-crash cliffhanger as much as the next person, but I would have liked a bit more. Show me a body bag, show me someone getting a devastating call, show me a mangled… wait, that’s too much. Am I alone in thinking that? Maybe I’m just morbid. I invite your thoughts on the drama!

This show, smh. This season has been so awful, and this episode was no exception. I honestly do not think I have it in me to watch next season. It's a shame, last season actually showed promise and then they throw it all away. Do they even pay attention to their plotlines? This whole thing with Max was fucking ridiculous. Do the writers forget these characters are 18? Someone like Max, who was so education and career focused, is not going to get married at 18 years old when he has 3 years of college ahead of him.Why is Ivy's first thought to always just marry her boyfriends? Bitch, your  husband just died, give it a rest. I actually like Annie and think her story lines have been some of the better ones this season, but what a waste for that whole arc with priest guy for it to go absolutely nowhere. And Liam's crazy ex coming back? No. Gross. Send her away. I think this show has made it to my do-not-watch list