Neil Cicierega vs Brony fanboys

aka the day that Neil called pathetic Bronies out on their bullshit

Neil Cicierega of Brodyquest and Potter Puppet Pals fame has recently been in a argument via Youtube, Reddit and Tumblr over the fact that male viewers (Bronies) have turned what is originally a children's cartoon into a channel for their disgusting memes and jokes most recently centered around molestation and rape jokes.

For those are you that don't know a Brony is, it is "A name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, etc.) of the My Little Pony show or franchise. They typically do not give in to the hype that males aren't allowed to enjoy things that may be intended for females." (

The topic in question is about a MLP character called Princess Celestia that has been renamed 'Princess Molestia' as a rule 34 meme version of the character.

It all started on Reddit where somebody created a post about how apparently Neil hates Bronies

You will see from the following comments between the OP and Neil that Neil is very calm and reasonable in his comments;

Neil Cicierega: So what is the deal with Princess Molestia? Did the bronies take a show designed for little girls and turn it into another awful internet rape culture thing?

Reddit OP: No, they didn't, but I admire your ability to make assumptions.
Did you know that a community as large as the brony fanbase has multiple subsections? Why, I dare say it's as though multiple people enjoy the show.

Neil Cicierega: Yeah, I know it's the stuff of the internet. I just think it's particularly cruel of them to import that shit into something meant for young girls... 1 in 6 of whom will grow up to be victims of the thing these bros are lulzing it up over. It really illustrates how toughtlessly men will reappropriate anything and everything.

Some guy: But not all bronies are like that.

Neil Cicierega: you gotta call each other out on this kind of thing more often. That goes for all groups. Don't let your friends be dipshits!

Neil Cicierega: The show's designed to be a better alternative to the crap little girls are usually fed. So of course, grown men, who already have plenty of media marketed to them, come in and completely overshadow the intended audience, and litter it with the same tired humor and loutishness as every other male-oriented community. Something meant as an antidote to girls' usual gender normative entertainment has been turned into yet another sausage party.

Reddit OP: Yes, because the little girls who watch the show are effected by the actions of 4chan. Which is surprising, since even the majority of the adult brony fanbase isn't effected by the actions of 4chan.

Some brony: Most bronies (sadly not all) generally do try to warn you what you might see on their tumblr or something. So they really aren't doing anything to people who don't want to look at what they post. If you were offended by rape you most likely won't click on a link that goes to somewhere called Princess Molestia. I understand why you would find it weird that something Princess Molestia exists. She is, in her entirety, a rape joke.
I apologize for being such a dick.

Neil Cicierega: I didn't mention fetishes. Actually, I was talking about rape jokes. For a show about love and tolerance, you'd think Bronies would do more to speak out against fellow Bronies who engage in brazen rejections of sensitivity.

Neil recently commented on his tumblr site about the issue;

huhhh, apparently I shattered someone’s world by being annoyed at the Bronies for letting rape joke bullshit slide. I hold the radical opinion that you should not let your friends, or peers, be gross idiots, and by doing so I have CROSSED THE LINE.

This is Reddit, so a few of them call me a feminist in a pejorative sense. Nobody calls them on it.

Am I being too harsh with these kids when I say they should be harsher with their peers? Are they just afraid they’ll end up alone if they challenge anything?

In any case, this is basically the saddest day in history

There are several other reponses from Neil here, here and here replying to angry commenters

Sources are linked in the actual post

I thought it would be nice to have a discussion on the impact of rule 34 (as many pop culture figures have been parodied) as well as Bronies and My Little Pony in general