TMZ Makes Fat Jokes About Bryce Dallas Howard’s Post-Baby Body on Mother’s Day

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You know, I never really thought that TMZ would ever let me down because I had no actual expectations of decorum. So imagine my surprise when I saw some photos taken on Mother's Day of the actress Bryce Dallas Howard walking with her infant daughter—to whom she gave birth in January—under the category "Beauty" with the headline "It Takes a Village" insinuating that The Village star is now the size of a village. Although there is a brief mention of her "post-pregnancy legs," the post itself is mostly smarmy and leaves the door wide open for the commenters to do all the nasty, dirty work of cruel jokes and harsh judgements. Except the TMZ staffers couldn't resist, and jumped in the comments section anyway because they the conversation just felt incomplete to them without a mention of how damp this weight gain has made her panties. Seriously.

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