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Harry Styles to audition for Mick Jagger role in new movie

Harry Styles is reportedly to audition for a film role as Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.
The One Direction singer is one of the names lining up to play Mick in Exile On Main St.

The film, backed by Virgin boss Richard Branson, will focus on Jagger's relationship with Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

A source told The People: "Harry on stage can pass as a dead ringer for Jagger.

"If he can transform this image into a movie role then he's going to be a serious candidate to get the part. The signs so far are good."

If the 18-year-old can break into movies while continuing his music career he can expect to triple his earnings.

However, fans will be worried that he would take a break from One Direction for filming.

The source added: "The film is going to be a lot of work and very demanding.

"If Harry takes the part it will lead to concerns about his involvement with One Direction.

"The band is his main priority but it is flattering to have so much interest from such senior people in the film industry he couldn't miss this opportunity."


Tags: british celebrities, one direction

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