Sander Fucking Cohen (chibik3r0) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sander Fucking Cohen

Survivor: One World - Season Finale!

Kim won individual immunity for the 3rd time!

Alicia was voted out 3-2 (over Chelsea) and became the 8th member of the jury.

Kim then won individual immunity for the 4th time!

Christina pretty much rolled over and died, being voted out 3-1 over Sabrina without even trying.

And of course, Kim won the million dollar prize, with 7 of 9 jury votes! Sabrina earned 2 votes (not sure how) while Chelsea received 0...

People seem pretty mixed on this season. I personally enjoyed it and am glad to see Kim win the game. Much better than last season's biblefest at least.

Sorry guys, I'm not staying up to watch the reunion show so I don't know who won the "Player of the Season" (I assume Kim) nor the preview for next season...

Source: CBS
Tags: reality show, spoilers, survivor (cbs / international), television - cbs

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