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Tom Hardy's beard and individuals of lesser relevance at BAFTA Craft Awards

When he was first spotted sporting a bushy beard earlier this year his fans must have hoped he was just going through a phase.
But actor Tom Hardy doesn't look like he'll be toning down his new look any time soon.
In fact, the Black Hawk Down star seems to be growing his facial hair even longer if his latest outing is anything to go by.
Tom, 34, stepped on to the red carpet at the British Academy Television Craft Awards in east London earlier this evening.
And he was hardly recognisable as his face was completely covered in hair. (well, let's not go overboard, it's just a beard)

Hardy was joined by his fiancee, actress Charlotte Riley, as he posed and paraded around in front of photographers.
Tom looked dapper in his black suit, which he wore with a white shirt and black tie.

But his facial hair gave him a scruffier image as he kissed Charlotte for all to see.
He was obviously in a jovial mood as he made a number of funny poses, while Charlotte looked as pretty as a picture in a red frock.
And she for one didn't seem to mind the bristles on her partner's face as she smooched his lips for the cameras.
Other stars to attend included The Inbetweeners' Joe Thomas, who also sported scruffier hair, although not quite as extreme as Tom, who will next be seen in Batman's The Dark Knight Rises as enemy Bane.
The big winners on the night included BBC dramas Great Expectations and Sherlock, which were both awarded with three prizes each.
While Frozen Plant (To The Ends of the Earth) also picked up a trio of awards.
Steven Moffat picked up one trophy for Sherlock for his writing, while Great Expectations was handed winning titles in the photography and visual effects categories, amongst others.
Other winners included Hugo Blick, who was awarded with best director for The Shadow Line, while Brian Eno won in the original music section for Top Boy.
But one of the surprise wins came in the Entertainment Craft Team category, which saw the team behind The Cube beat shows including The X Factor, Top Gear, and Derren Brown The Experiments.

Other attendees

Oona Chaplin

Nathan Stewart Jarrett

Joe Thomas

Andrew Scott

....literally no other people you GAF about turned up. Like none. But yey for Sherlock, I just wish its success didn't go hand in hand with the pumping up of Moffatt's bloated ego.
Bolded to give hope to all aspiring journalists ... or to provide them with despair. IDK.

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