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Justin Bieber's Dad Wants to be a Reality Star!

rip "@LordBieber" tbh

So it’s hardly surprising that pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER, 18, is a bit miffed that his old man has signed up for this summer’s British Celebrity Big Brother.

I can reveal that JEREMY JACK BIEBER, (who, ladies, is something of a hottie too) will be paid more than £100,000 for his stint in the Channel 5 house.

Jez, 38, who modestly describes himself as a “looker”, is said to be over the moon.

A TV source told me: “He has been talking to producers for a few weeks and they have cut a deal.

“The fact he is the father of one of the most famous people in the world means he was near the top of the producers’ wish-list. No doubt Justin’s fans will tune in to see what his dad is like. Justin is a little worried, though.”

I’m not surprised – just think about being one of DENISE WELCH’s kids when she stripped off to her undies in the last CBB.

Other names rumoured to have signed up for the show – the second this year – include Girls Aloud star NADINE COYLE and Coronation Street legend JULIE GOODYEAR.

The Bieb’s dad, who lives with his wife and two younger kids in Canada, didn’t share a house with Justin when he was growing up, but they maintained contact.

He was just 19 when Justin was born, and JB’s mum PATTIE MALLETTE brought him up with the help of her parents.

So, what can the viewing public expect? Well…

Jez may be a pretty face but here’s a clue about his personality: He describes Dumb and Dumber as the “greatest movie of all time”

wow this is an even better present than what he got justin for his birthday!

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