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Alexandra Burke tells Jermain Defoe: IT'S OVER

FURIOUS pop queen Alexandra Burke last night dumped love rat soccer star Jermain Defoe — as he was caught cheating AGAIN.

The X Factor winner, 23, had spent weeks trying to forgive the England ace after he romped with a model.

But today The Sun reveals Defoe cheated on her with a SECOND woman.

Last night a pal said: “Alex is heartbroken but she has ended it. It’s all over. They are not together any more.”

We told last month how the Spurs striker, 29, cheated with model Laura Brown, 23. And today nurse Kirsty Crummey reveals she slept with him too, below.

The pal added: “Alex thought Jermain might be the one but has now decided to move on with her life.”

Yesterday Alexandra enjoyed a family day out at Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey. She tweeted: “This weather is so beautiful. Smiling so much, feels good.” and then you come along and ruin her weekend, guys. Cool.

Alex at the park

Nurse Kirsty Crummey told how the England ace brazenly made the call after inviting her to his mansion for sex six weeks ago.

She said last night: “I felt upset that Jermain would do it in front of me and I felt guilty for Alexandra.”

Shaken Kirsty is the SECOND girl with whom he has cheated on Alex. Yesterday the X Factor winner dumped him after The Sun’s revelations last month that he romped with Geordie model Laura Brown, 23.

Curvy Kirsty revealed the bed-hopping Spurs star:

PESTERED her to send him intimate naked pictures and videos;

BEGGED her to take part in a threesome with him;

SENT her explicit texts, and

ROMPED with her in his walk-in wardrobe.

Raven-haired Kirsty, 26, told how she first slept with Defoe last year. The relationship cooled, but they kept in touch off and on with raunchy texts.


Then on March 30 when she was visiting London she got a call from him at 11.30pm inviting her to his five-bed £3.75million Hertfordshire mansion.

Kirsty said: “He messaged me asking if I would have a threesome but I said No.

“He gave me a hug on the doorstep. I said I had a headache and he gave me two pain-relief tablets in the kitchen.

“He had a bowl of Coco Pops and asked if I thought the milk smelled OK.”

Then he took her upstairs and they started having sex in his walk-in wardrobe.

Kirsty added: “After a few minutes we moved to a spare room. I guess he felt more comfortable there because it didn’t feel so much like cheating.

“I didn’t want to hear about Alexandra and he never mentioned her. I guessed he was with her but I didn’t want to know the truth.

“I’d fallen for him and I suppose I was fooling myself we could be together.”

She stayed the night and in the morning a pal drove Defoe to training. The footballer was in the passenger seat, with Kirsty behind him. That was when he made the call to Alex.

Kirsty said: “I knew it was her because her name came up on the phone. He kept trying to ring her but couldn’t get through. He didn’t leave a message.”

Kirsty, who lives with her parents in a Somerset village, was dropped at a taxi rank with £50 to get back to her hotel.

The liaison came just weeks after Alexandra was first pictured in a Spurs shirt with Defoe’s name on it.

Kirsty first had sex with Defoe in July last year after he pursued her on Facebook and followed it up with raunchy texts.

She got a coach to London. Wearing a hoodie, Defoe picked her up in his blacked-out motor and drove to the Holiday Inn Express in Limehouse, East London — next door to a cement lorry depot... and Screwfix.

He dropped her off outside and pulled a wad of cash from his Louis Vuitton wallet to pay for the room.

Kirsty bought a £14.50 bottle of white wine from the bar, took it and two glasses upstairs and met him outside the room.

Then they romped twice during a two-hour session.

She revealed: “He asked if I was a naughty girl. I could have said No but I was starstruck by him. We had sex. I let him do it. It was all about him.”

Afterwards he continued to send her explicit sexual messages and asked for intimate pictures. Then things cooled, until in February this year he messaged, saying: “More pics babe.”

The secret tryst at his mansion followed a month later.

The striker, who hopes to be in England’s Euro 2012 squad, promised he would see her again, but cut off all contact.

Kirsty said: “He preyed on my vulnerability. I wasn’t going to turn him down — I’ve never had a footballer like him show interest in me before.

“It was flattering but I know now he was just using me.

“He has hurt me so much. I just hope other girls reading this see him for what he is and don’t fall into the same trap I did — and Alexandra Burke now knows what he’s like.

“That’s the only reason I’ve decided to speak out

Defoe refused to comment.

Kiss n' tell courtesy of the sun
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