Matthew Lillard needs you to help a Fat Kid Rule The World!

He's stolen George Clooney's wife in The Descendants and is going up against Clint Eastwood next in Trouble With The Curve (out 28th September in USA) but what's he been doing in the meantime?

Click the image below or the link to see Matthew's kickstarter video.

Saving a fat kid from suicide by introducing him to the punk rock scene

Based on the award winning book, FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by K.L Going, it will be screening tonight at Toronto's teen NEXT WAVE film festival at 8.30pm, with a Q&A with Matthew and Jacob Wysocki (last seen in the amazingly touching film,Terri with John C Reilly)!

It'll also be showing in Seattle May 18, 19th and 28th, you can get tickets here.

The kickstarter is to fund their going on tour with Vans WARPED tour, the audience for that tour will absolutely fricking love the movie, and it also funds their self distribution which is the important part, we want to see this movie. They've got an amazing array of goodies if you pledge ranging from stickers, signed books, posters, voicemails from Matthew and signed guitars from Mike McCready from Pearl Jam!

Please consider telling people about the kickstarter, do you ever see a movie and wonder why it hadn't been released in cinemas or why you hadn't heard about it? As Matthew says, it's easier to get films made nowadays but harder to distribute them! Lets cut out the middle man and help a former SLC Punk out, with his punk rock grassroots movie and get it out there?

The delectable and funny Jacob Wysocki, talks with the brilliant and crazy-eyed Matt O'Leary here (from Brick, Spy Kids, the amazing Natural Selection, wearing his facial hair from the currently filming Lone Ranger), talk about the movie and damn ladies, I'd totally buy a $500 massage from them.They lived together during filming and you can see that they're a great double act.

Matthew is also appearing in the new fifth season of Leverage, reuniting with his Summer Catch co-star, Christian Kane.... He ended up in the emergency room, thanks to Christian!

Here's a photo of Matt and I from the SXSW premiere party for Fat Kid Rules The World where it won the Audience Award for Narrative Feature!

He's nothing but thankful to his fans and it shows. He invited me to hang out at the press conference the next morning and we got to see how press roundtables work and video interviews happen, was all really fun. He also took a bunch of us out on Sunday night and we ended up in a field with bonfires, random men dancing in those all in one animal pyjamas, drinking pink cocktails that Matt bought for us. Memories!

Sources: Me, Matthew's Twitter. Fat Kid Movie facebook, twitter and kickstarter page!