Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Welcome Baby Daughter

Elsa Pataky
 and her husband, actor Chris Hemsworth have finally fulfilled his dream. A few days ago the couple welcomed their first child, a beautiful girl to have decided to name her India Rose and happiness that has filled her parents, who were looking forward to this special day to see his face and hold her.
 Both mother and baby, who are already at home, are perfectly and the whole family is excited about her birth. 

"Chris and I are delighted, very happy and excited," assured the actress a few months ago when she announced she was pregnant with her ​​first child in the pages of the magazine HELLO ."For me, creating a family is a commitment even much stronger than marriage, because the family ties you to that person's lifetime and a great responsibility. Here is something we decided together, it was a good time for both and we both wanted and what we wanted, "added an emotional Elsa. 

Although he only knew the happy news, yesterday Chris Hemsworth had to separate for a few hours of his wife and daughter to attend the presentation of his new film, Snow White and the legend of the hunter, Arundel Castle in West Sussex (England) along with her co-stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. In addition, days before the actor was photographed smiling with his parents, Craig and Leonie, in the streets of London, probably after he had fulfilled his dream of having his first child in her arms. 


so happy for them, India is a beautiful name :D