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Anna Kendrick being hilarious on Ellen & CraigyFerg + a bunch of interviews

youtube blocked the full interview, but here's a clip:

says the twilight movies were like a side job:

she's not in the last one, so she doesn't have to talk about team jacob anymore:

plus, chace is a stan and apparently she got a lap dance by a 60 year-old woman dressed as little bo peep:

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford admits to being star struck when he arrived on the Atlanta set of the romantic comedy, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which opens May 18.

Crawford’s a fan of Up in the Air, you see, and he was set to act opposite Anna Kendrick, who earned a supporting actress Oscar nomination for her part in that George Clooney film.

In What To Expect, Crawford and Kendrick play one of five couples profiled in the movie based on the popular pregnancy guide book, so they worked together for 10-days straight on the Atlanta set.

“At first, Anna did not know how big of a fan I was of Up in the Air,” says Crawford promoting What To Expect with Kendrick in L. A. recently.

But he had to get over his fan shyness quickly. And he did. “I remember doing rehearsals as we were trying to choreograph how we were going to conceive a child on the hood of a car.

“It was, you know, awkward at first, but we sort of worked out all the scenes and then just went for it,” adds the actor. “And she’s great to work off of. She’s witty, and into banter, so it was a lot of fun to play off her.”

Both became friends quickly. The playful Crawford even forked over some money to entertain Kendrick with a private dancer on her 25th birthday, which Kendrick confirms.

“We went to the Claremont Lounge, which is like an Atlanta institution,” she says of the kitschy strip club.

“It’s sort of hilarious. They have like 60-year-old women who are strippers, and that’s awesome. And this woman, dressed as Little Bo Peep, came up and said, ‘This guy just bought you a lap dance.’”

Kendrick didn’t know how to respectfully say, ‘No, thanks’

“At a certain point I felt like I was hurting her feelings,” she says. “So, I sort of maybe got a lap dance (from) Little Bo Peep.”

And how was the experience? “It was traumatic.”

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tytyty <3
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