Derrick Rose Smiles For GQ

The reigning NBA MVP, and son of Chi Town Derrick Rose is the new cover boy for GQ MAG. In it he tells the mag of growing up and playing in his own home town which adores him, “You can’t go here, you can’t go there, you got to let that person know where you’re going.’ It’s just weird. I’m never alone. Ever.”

He also spoke about President Obama another Chicagoan. Unlike other players Derrick Knows the president well and they both have a good relationship. He spoke about when the president ask him to speak at a fundraiser in Chicago, “That was my first time ever speaking to that type of crowd…”I was so nervous and scared. Just a two- or three-minute thing, but, like, thousands of people were there. I was nervous as hell…but I got it done, and it helped me being more vocal, too, by doing that.”

Hew you got in the playoffs, ONTD?