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"David Cook sucks balls, we don't want him on our label," says RCA but not in those words

Season 7 winner David Cook debuted a new song on American Idol Thursday night, but it won't be coming out on RCA Records.

The show alum tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm currently without a record deal." He's self-releasing "The Last Song I'll Write For You" to "see how the song does."

Cook reveals that his contract with Sony Music-owned RCA Records was up after his second album, This Loud Morning. "It just felt like the time to try something different," he says. "I love the creative control, so we're going to self-release and see what happens from there." He also parted ways with 19 Entertainment, as THR previously reported, and is currently being managed by Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment.

As for what happens next? The road is long, as the Hollies once sang, and Cook says, "We're just going to keep doing what we're doing. If someone wants to hop on board and get behind it, then great, let's talk about it. I just love making music and however I'm gonna do that is however I'm gonna do that. But if I keep writing songs like this, hopefully things will turn out OK."

Indeed, the hooky new track wasn't the usual three-month struggle. "The melody was real natural, which almost never happens to me," he adds. "It all came together rather quickly."
The Idol appearance, he says, "became the obvious choice to do and I'm so glad it worked out this way and that we can unveil it on that stage."
Other show alums no longer signed to Sony-affiliated labels include season 7 runner-up David Archuleta, season 9's Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox, season 6's Blake Lewis, season 5's Taylor Hicks, season 4's Bo Bice, and season 2's Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, among others.


Stay classy America, keep voting for basic white dudes then not supporting their careers. (With that said, go Phillip!) I love when people from AI get dropped from their labels it's hilarious, get on that Craigslist job section yo.

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