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Jim Parsons talks hitting the stage for 'Harvey'

As fans prepare to watch tonight’s finale of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons is already knee deep in his next role — Elwood P. Dowd in Roundabout Theatre Company’s upcoming Harvey.

Ahead of tonight’s season ender, Parsons opened up about his hiatus project, which gives him a chance to play a character so unlike the socially challenged Sheldon.

“What’s so nice is the crucial divide between the two characters,” he says. “I hadn’t thought about this really deeply until you asked me, and now that I’m saying it, that is probably what I’m enjoying as much as anything, getting into the skin of this guy…who so desperately wants to hear what you have to say and make a conversation out of it — as opposed to the other nine months of the year when I play someone who does everything to stop that from happening.”

worthwhile video at the source
Tags: actor / actress, broadway / theatre, the big bang theory (cbs)
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