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Misogynist Howard Stern attacks Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez: "They're dummies!"

Howard Stern is busily promoting his new gig as the newest judge on NBC's America's Got Talent, appearing on the network's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, the Today show and ABC's The View this morning.

Then he headed for a news conference at the Friars' Club, where among the topics was Britney Spears, expected on Monday to be named a new judge of another talent competition, Fox's The X Factor.

Simon Cowell produces both AGT and X Factor, but that didn't stop Stern from mouthing off: "She'll stand there with a lollipop…(saying) 'Can I get a perfume deal out of this?' I don't think you'll be getting opinions from her. But I'll tune in to see what kind of a train wreck she is."

Would he have agreed to judge AGT if Spears and Jennifer Lopez were on the panel? "Absolutely not. To sit there with JLo and Britney would be like a ventriloquist with two dummies; I'd have to prop them up."


Some men are threatened by strong, successful females. Boop.
Tags: britney spears, celebrity feud, howard stern, jennifer lopez, mad men (amc)
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