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The Avengers 2

Warner Bros. has decided to make all of our Christmases come at once and announced a sequel to The Avengers!

Wow. We did not see that coming. Yes, Warner Bros. has decided to make all of our Christmases come at once and announced a sequel to The Avengers! More Ralph Fiennes as John Steed! More Sean Conn…. Sorry, what? Oh, it’s the other one. The one that has “Assemble” stapled to its name in the UK. That has now made more than $702 million worldwide.That one. Put your giant teddy bear costume back in the wardrobe. Also, why did you have a giant teddy bear costume in the wardrobe?

As of right now, it’s all at a very early stage, and Disney boss Bob Iger has only said that an Avengers follow-up is “in the works.” But with the film Hulk-smashing box office records and generating more positive buzz than a swarm of bees given happy pills, a sequel is all but a done deal. Pretty much only the Mayan apocalypse will stop it now.

Marvel, of course, is focused on getting Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 andThor 2 made and in theatres across the next couple of years. And no decisions have been made on who will write and direct any Avengerssequel. If we had our dream scenario, the Mouse House would already be camped outside Joss Whedon’s gaff with three lorry loads of money and a signed statement telling him he can do whatever he wants, but that will all have to be worked out later.

What we need to do now is knuckle the companies down on our Ali’s idea for a villain: Mr Fish! He’s surely the best candidate. Just consider his qualifications… a petty crook named Mortimer George Norris, who is mutated (thanks stolen radioactivity and a fall into New York’s East River) into a fish-faced baddie with enhanced strength. He’s got a catchphrase (“No one laughs at Mr Fish!”) and an occasional sidekick in The Walrus. The two once visited an exotic nightclub and were entertained by a portly stripper. The possibilities are literally limited. Make this happen, Marvel!

And yes, we realise the mid-final-credits scene points to [REDACTED] but who wants that guy with all his powers and interesting story and nonsense. Also, they're probably lining him up for Thor 2 or something. Mr Fish FTW (fin it to win it).

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