An Open Letter to the the most hated drag queen in America

An Open Letter to the the most hated drag queen in America (no Hedda, not you),

Someone alerted me to your cover of Boyfriend by Justin Beiber. Congrats. I’ve been doing that song for a month now in shows. Timing is funny lol j/k grin etc bullshit. You tagged your season 4 girls and that’s your prerogative but it exhibited poor judgement and little tact to tag my personal work, specifically Vagina Song, Trouble and Love You Like a Big Schlong, along with Detox & Vicky’s Chow Down at Chick-fil-A, to increase hits on your vibrato-laden karaoke vids.

This is not me on the offensive. I’m defending my work and it’s usage. The real competition is life, not a gameshow. It begun when neither of us won (I’m careful with the word “Loser” now- you taught me that). Sure- you’ll say “get over it,” “stop being a baby,” “kiss my ass” etc…But you’re the one who needs attention- you supposedly bask in the hate/haters and invite it. I wish you could feel how much better love or at least laughter envelopes oneself. Good for you for sticking to your guns but looks like you shot yourself in the foot with one of them yet again. You could’ve just said “Sorry for tagging your work. I had no business trying to get hits off of someone I am not on good terms with.” WTF was going through your head?

Some contestants must be content to be footnotes in RDR lore, starting and ending with the program. If you’d like to not be one of them, I encourage you to do it on your own and not coattail anyone, even in the slightest degree, on YouTube- where my videos are monetized.

Common courtesy, protocol and copyrights should be observed ;)


p.s. You’re welcome for the additional hits this will give you. I’ve told you to keep my name out of your mouth and I hope you can finally get it that I really wish that.