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Both Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard want a Danity Kane reunion


Despite their clash in that infamous, fateful meeting four years ago contributing more than any other factor to the demise of Danity Kane, both Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day have recently spoken about their reconciliation and their openness to the possibility of a reunion in the near future.

Speaking to Bossip.com last month, Richards was enthusiastic at the prospect of a Danity Kane Reunion:

"I'm down for whatever," she explained. "I'm down for great music. I talked to Aubrey not to long ago and I told her "I'm always down." I love her and I love them, I just always like things to be right so that people love it and it's exactly what people want. We did such great numbers and such great things with that - I want to make sure that we don't kill it and only make it better, but I'm down for anything."

And in an interview with Clevver TV yesterday, O'Day took it one step further.

"I would do it in a second," she said. "I would do it tomorrow, I would do it five days ago. I think that none of us will be as amazing as were in that group [...] If my voice is ever "the word", I will have us back together."

Should they all choose to fully reconcile, the only issue would be the iron-clad contracts that they signed with Diddy; despite the fact that they are all no longer affiliated with him, he still owns the rights to their name and previous music.

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Would you be here for a DK reunion, ONTD? And what are your favourite DK songs?
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