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Teen Mom Nude Photo Scandal: Jenelle Evans Posed Naked After Boob Job, See The Pics!

Teen Mom 2
star Jenelle Evans is loving her new body.

Less than a week after getting breast implants, the 21-year-old single mom unveiled her plastic surgeon's handiwork by wearing a skimpy Victoria's Secret bikini on the beach in Wilmington, North Carolina Saturday. Evans -- who tweeted that she "was a B is now a full C" -- has since vowed that she "wouldn't do any other kind of form of plastic surgery."

Evans' new boobs aren't the only reason she's making headlines. Though ex Kieffer Delp helped her recover from surgery May 2, she has since rekindled the flame with Gary Head. "I'm sure they'll be over before they fully begin," a source tells US Weekly.

In the meantime, Evans -- mom to son Jace, 2 -- is dealing with the painful side effects of going under the knife. "I'm not going to lie, my boobs are hurting so bad. I can't stop crying," she tweeted Sunday night. "Gary left and I'm home all alone. I wish he was here."

Despite her painful recovery, the Teen Mom 2 star -- who "can sleep only on my back and side" -- is happy with the results. "I'm more confident in my looks," she explained via Twitter

Jenelle Evans is following hot in the footsteps of troubled Teen Mom Amber Portwood with her very own nude photo scandal!

Evans recently went under the knife to enhance her curves and she loves her new fake breasts so much that she showed them off while posing nude and has the exclusive photos.

21-year-old Jenelle had her breast augmentation last week but she bounced back quickly after the surgery and proudly displayed her new chest in this series of post-op pics.

"She likes them," a source close to Jenelle says about her fake boobs, which are seen in the photos with the surgical gauze still underneath them. "She is really happy, but she thinks they're lopsided."

Looking fresh faced and smiling, Jenelle posed for the pictures from all angles showing off her surgically enhanced breasts.

Jenelle had the surgery done near her home in North Carolina and has exclusively learned that she paid $5,000 for her new boobs.

"MTV didn't want her to do it," the source says. "But they didn't do anything after she did it."

Jenelle, who spent time in rehab in2011, apparently was "being a baby" about the pain after the surgery.

"She got Hydrocodone (a prescription painkiller) and they had her on morphine while she was going through it. She was all high, she was eating the hydrocodones like they were Skittles," the source says.

As for her family, the source says her young son Jace doesn't know about her new boobs but her mom Barbara likes them.

"She thinks it's good. She thinks Jenelle didn't get them too big," the source shares.

Go to to see the uncensored photo of Jenelle topless prior to her breast enlargement procedure.


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HOLD THE PHONE, thats how much boobs jobs cost?? shiiiit, then THATS what i shouldve spent my tax return on, not my son! *sigh* maybe next year....
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