THE AVENGERS Finishes Weekend On $205M Domestic And $650M Internationally

We're still waiting on the final figures, but it has just been revealed that Marvel's The Avengers grossed far more than expected yesterday, making its total for the weekend even higher than was originally thought. Hit the jump for more.

Box office results aren't exactly exciting news. I mean, it's not like the debut of a new trailer or the reveal of a new piece of casting information. However, it's hard to deny that following the progress of Marvel's The Avengers at the North American box office this weekend has been something of a thrill.With estimates having the film down as making anything from $150 million to $175 million, the Joss Whedon helmed superhero ensemble has exceeded expectations again and again. Following the announcement yesterday that the film would gross a record breaking $200.3M (although that was by no means a guarantee as it could have ended up falling slightly below that number) Deadline reveals that Disney ended up taking as much as $55 million on Sunday. This takes its weekend total to an amazing $205 million and its worldwide cume to somewhere around the $650 million mark. Marvel's The Avengers is now guaranteed to join the $1 billion club, but where on the list of all-time highest grossing films do you think it will end up? Can it beat Avatar?! Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.