Game of Thrones: Rose Leslie on getting cast and her characters future...

If you haven’t read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and prefer to go into the HBO series Game of Thrones completely fresh, you may want to turn away now. We won’t be posting any spoilers for tonight’s new episode but we will be giving some information on a brand new character played by actress Rose Leslie. Read on for how the actress landed the role of Ygritte and what her favorite part of playing her is.

Leslie hasn’t done much press since it was announced she would take on the role of the wildling Ygritte, but she spoke with Access Hollywood who say, “the naturally redheaded Rose said she put great care into bringing the wildling spitfire to life, diving heavily into the novels as her source material, as she worked to capture the wildling woman’s independent and utterly fierce personality.”

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anyone with links for the new episode? I hope there's another post for a discussion.