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THE AVENGERS Looks Set To Break ANOTHER Record After IMAX Theatres Run Out Of Seats

IMAX grossed more than $21.1M this weekend, bringing the total for Marvel's
The Avengers screenings in that format to approximately $31.2M worldwide.
$6.1M of that was from international locations (an extremely impressive figure
considering the fact that the film is now in its second week of release
overseas) and $1.1M of that was from China alone. However, there was a slight
problem (well, for moviegoers that is) in North America this weekend as IMAX
ended up running out of seats to sell! The superhero ensemble grossed $15M
from 275 domestic screens and this puts it at either the same or perhaps
slightly more than the figure made by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 2 last year. So, there's ANOTHER record for Marvel to brag about! Many
thanks to Deadline for the figures above. In addition, listed below are some
more of the records broken by The Avengers this weekend.

International figures for The Avengers so far in key territories are: UK
$48.1M, Mexico $40.2M, Australia $32.2M, Korea $31.3M, Brazil $31.0M, France
$26.4M, Italy $18.8M, Germany $18.3M, Russia $17.9M, China $17.4M, Spain
$14.4M, Taiwan $14.3M, Philippines $11.5M.

It's never late for party !

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