Is Mark Ruffalo Ready to Hulk Out for Hollywood?

Mark Ruffalo was considered an unlikely addition to Marvel's megatentpole The Avengers (which opens next Friday), but given the arc of his career, maybe his new role is oddly fitting: In the world of independent film, Ruffalo's the Hulk; but when it comes to big studios, he's still just Bruce Banner. Can The Avengers change that perception? Certainly, it'll add a gigantic blockbuster to the ledger of this indie film stalwart, but what will Ruffalo do with all that new star power? And does the 44-year-old actor, already so well liked in Hollywood, have any actual designs on megamovie stardom? To forecast his future, we polled industry insiders to ask one simple question: If Mark Ruffalo were a stock, would you buy, sell, or hold?

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