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ONTD Original: Some funny women we love...in no particular order.

Wanda Sykes

We love her because: she inspires us with her openness about her breast cancer, mastectomy, she is an out and proud lesbian, the fro, white house correspondence dinnner hosting...there is very little not to love about her.

Mindy Kaling

We love her because:honestly, I have no idea, because I haven't seen her in anything. but, I heard that she has a girl next door quality.

Retta Sirleaf

We love her because: she steals the scene even if her entire contribution to the episode is a well delivered side eye or a clever not on a window. She is responsible for one of our favourite phrases in recent times - Treat yo self! fine leather goods.

Jill Marie Jones

We love her because: Never has the ability or inability to remember someone's name been so funny.

Maya Rudolph

We love her because: As Ava on 'Up All Night', manages to make a ridiculous, out of touch character likeable.

Golden Brooks

We love her because: of her ability to take the simplest catchphrase and milk it.  

Judy Reyes

We love her because: she some how managed to make not being funny, funny.  little known fact, Carla orginated the "The Kerkovich Way" (watch happy endings) back then there was no name for it.

Yvette Nicole Brown

We love her because: even though she barely features on the show. Yvette's voices and animated delivery made shirley a cult and fan favourite. Lets not forget she gives the best gifs shirley community Pictures, Images and Photos

Issa Rae

We love her because: She brought a character that is usually reserved for twee, quirky white actresses on to the small screen and refused to "sell-out".

Margaret Cho

We love her because: she is a powerhouse who uses her platform to advocate for various minority issues. Her interview chat with Melissa Harris-Perry gives me all kinds of life.

Aisha Tyler

We love her because: After listening to this song, you will never look at a flat arse without singing it to yourself.

Debra Wilson

We love her because: of her impressions (ps. check out her infamous impressions of Whitney).

Tichina Arnold

we love her because: like the other ladies on this list her delivery is on point. She has also shown versitility in the roles she plays - going from a over stressed mom of 3, to currently playing a single woman with a fondness of gay bars and looking for the love in all the wrong places.

The lack of certain minority ethnic groups speaks to the their absence from our screens and is not an intentional slight on my part. And be kind to my commentary, I know it is try hard, but I didn't want to only post videos.

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Tags: black celebrities, latino celebrities, ontd original, parks and recreation (nbc)

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