Biebs Couldn't Beat Rihanna

Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" music video has been no match for Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" video, with the Barbados beauty smashing the teen star for first day views on VEVO.

Enstarz reported earlier this week how Rihanna had shown the entire music industry how it is done by collecting just under 5 million views on her new music video within the first 24 hours.

It was expected that Bieber would give her a good run for her money - with his hoards of faithful Beliebers anything is possible - but this time it was not to be, and Bieber was only able to rack up just over 3.5 million views in the video's first 24 hours.

Rihanna managed to wrestle the VEVO record away from Nicki Minaj, who had previously held the crown with 4.8 million views over the first 24 hours for her video "Stupid Hoe". Rihanna overcame that with 4,937,281 views.

"NUMBERS ARE IN! After filtering out the BS & triple-checking, @Rihanna #WHYBvideo24hrRECORD stands @ 4,937,281! Congrats!" VEVO tweeted. "@Rihanna love this s**t! Congrats to you and the Navi."

Rihanna replied, "Anybody else lovin the way @vevo tweets?"

There had been much build up to Bieber's "Boyfriend" video, and many had thought he would have a chance at breaking Rihanna's new record. However, in the end the Beliebers just didn't have enough, and although 3.5 million is more than respectable, it fell well short of worrying the queen of VEVO.