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Degrassi: In the Cold, Cold Night (Season Finale Part 1)

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The season finale is not airing as a one hour episode anymore. Part 1 is on May 11th and part 2 is May 18th. Praying there isn't a repeat of last year's season finale where 10 on Top, Hollywood Life, and Teennick gave the whole episode away with "sneak peeks".

Season Finale: In the Cold, Cold Night Episode Descriptions!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
From MuchMusic's Press Release
Fiona and Imogen scheme to end Marisol’s Student Council reign. The plan? Throw an unforgettable end-of-semester holiday carnival. But with a huge family crisis looming, Fiona worries she may have over-promised. Clare makes peace with Alli but still needs the help of the one person who can actually write; Eli. Can these two put their differences aside and work together? Their relationship is put to the test and their true feelings come out. Maya is frustrated with her home life and matters are even worse at school as she’s stuck in an uninspired grade 9 band class. Music means everything to her and Maya fears that, left unchallenged, her passion for music may be slipping away.

1144 - In the Cold of the Night, Part 1
When anti-gay slurs appear on several lockers, Simpson can't find the culprit, so the students take matters into their own hands. A conflict between Alli and Eli puts Clare in a difficult position. Fiona embarks on her first-ever job search.

Hmm...who could this be? Not Owen anymore since his little brother Tristan is gay. This Alli and Eli conflict could actually be really interesting. Eli's ex-girlfriend Julia got killed in a car accident, remember? And he carries guilt over it because they had a fight before she took off that night she died. Dave's hookup got hit by a car and may or may not end up paraplegic for the rest of her life. Dave feels guilty because he used her and made her feel like shit. Dave could go to Eli to talk about it. They're both friends with Adam so they can meet that way. Alli has made it very clear over and over again that she doesn't like Eli, so she wouldn't like their "bond" and she might even go as far as to think that Eli's "crazy" would rub off on Dave. No idea how this involves Clare though. The character getting "the shock of their life" must be Fiona losing her money (which they already did with Holly J).

both munro and jahmil are among the best if not the best actors on the show, i would love to see them work together tbh.

1145 - In the Cold of the Night, Part 2
Simpson institutes a peer mediation program to help resolve recent conflicts, but it gets off to a rough start. Clare is so overwhelmed by relationship, school, and family stress that she develops insomnia. Clare without sleep? This could get messy.

The A plot looks very interesting because all the characters could be incorporated. Adam, Fiona, Tristan, (Imogen?) and all their friends and family. How is Clare still having relationship troubles when she's single? And I thought her family issues were resolved...sort of. Idgi but whatever more Clare on my TV screen is always welcome. <3

this is the same website that released all the episode descriptions up to smash into you and they were all right. hollaback girl's descriptions are both short in comparison to the rest and these seem kind of odd in a way. especially the A plot, it seems to come out of nowhere and the focus isn't really on what they've been pushing with the promos since the show picked up again. hmm...but i am excited nonetheless.

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