Everyone Can't Stop Kissing Michelle Pfeiffer's Birthday Ass

Michelle Pfeiffer set out on an extensive press tour last week for the upcoming "Dark Shadows", a film in which she stars along side Johnny Depp. Her string of sit-down interviews were conducted on her birthday, April 29. One megafan, or "Pfan", who's a journalist, and has interviewed Michelle five times, dropped the professionalism bs, and let loose after years of interviewing her that he was a major fan, excuse me, Pfan, and gave her a birthday gift.

Her birthday was also not lost on the attendees of the film's official Press Conference.

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Chole Mortez says that she pays an homage to Pfeiffer's Catwoman in the film, and Michelle gets on the cover of Entertainment Weekly after the cut.

Guess she's not referring to the blatant tongue licking given to Johnny Depp by Eva Green ("Batman Returns", duh)...

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Michelle gets her own cover, along with the rest of the cast, for Entertainment Weekly.