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meet me in the back with the jack at the jukebox

2gether Rehearses for Reunion Show TONIGHT in Hollywood

Kevin Farley (Doug Linus), Noah Bastian (Chad Linus) and Alex Solowitz (Mickey Parke up in this mug!) were all 2gether together yesterday doing some rehearsing for their big reunion show TONIGHT at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Hollywood.

And of course, they decided they needed to tape a little bit of "Regular Guy" for all of us at home.

Tickets are $20 and they say they are close to being sold out. Show is at 8pm!

This is a "teaser" event, as Evan Farmer (Jerry O'Keefe) is unable to make this one due to just having a baby and being at home in Nashville with his family.

(Also, holy shiiii Alex sounds amazing.)

Source: Kevin Farley FB.
Tags: 2000s, reality show - mtv, reunion

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