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Kit Harington Q&A in Cosmo

He Makes Sundays So Sweet (lol wtf)

Kit Harington, aka the irresistible loner Jon Snow on HBO’sGame of Thrones reveals his top dating deal breakers and the number one thing men crave in a relationship

Q: Your character,Jon Snow, took a vow of celibacy and he also has to survive in extreme cold. What do you think would be harder, not having sex or dealing with those brutal temperatures? (Cosmo asks the tough questions y'all)

A: Celibacy. You can deal with cold but denying basic male instinct  is harder

Q: So you couldn’t do it?

A: No Way

Q:You’re pretty good with a sword on the show. Do you ever use that to impress women?

A: I don’t think I’d be particularly impressive with it in real life. If I’m into a woman,I’ll play the mysterious card. I think its about not making it out to appear that you’re interested so you leave her guessing. Whether it works is another matter.

Q: So if she texts you, do you not respond right away?

A: I don’t text. I hate it. I always call.

Q: You might be the last guy on the face of the Earth who will actually do that

A: I just don’t like texting. Things can be interpreted so many ways. I’ll call you if you text me. Plus I like hearing your voice.

Q: What do most men crave most in a relationship?

A: Men don’t always have someone to share their emotions with. Being able to do that behind closed doors is what men want to be in a relationship for.

The source is of course  this issue Cosmo but the interview was typed up by me.
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