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Selena Gomez grants Ella's wish!

Excitement is in the air – a hectic but vibrant buzz sharpens every sensation. Make-A-Wish® volunteer Susan is at the center of it all.

In less than 24 hours, Susan will be at wish kid Ella’s side as her wish comes true. Ella will meet Selena Gomez … the star she watched on TV during her many stays at the hospital. She also listened to Selena’s songs to keep her spirits up.
Today, Ella and her family discover that her wish will be even more unforgettable than they realized. Susan and Make-A-Wish have some special plans.

One Day Later…

Ella climbs into a limousine. Susan is there with the entire family as they arrive at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. This is where Ella will meet Selena before watching her concert at the House of Blues.

The first stop before meeting Selena is the hair and makeup expert in the penthouse suite – Ella gets the star treatment. She has to get ready for the camera, for her meeting with Make-A-Wish CEO David Williams. The family pours their story out for the cameras.
That afternoon, Ella waits. Susan enters the room.

“Ella … guess who’s here!” Susan says as Selena strides in to meet an awestruck Ella.
They bond over conversation, video games and posing together for photos.

Before long, the day gets even more exciting: It’s time to leave for the concert.

The Lasting Impact of a Wish

While Selena heads backstage, a camera crew follows Ella. Concertgoers wonder who she is, and why she has an entourage. They take photos of the “mystery girl”. The concert begins – and transports Ella far away from her battle with leukemia. Selena has a special dedication for Ella: her favorite song, “Love You Like a Love Song.”

The expression on Ella’s face is priceless for Susan: This is why she is a Make-A-Wish volunteer – to offer a true-life transformation for a kid with a life-threatening medical condition.

St. Selenita tyfyt :)

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