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McFarlane Toys Gets 'Lost'

Six Exclusive Action Figures Coming to Stores This Fall
May 23, 2006
Copyright 2006 TMP International, Inc.
McFarlane Toys will soon give Lost's legions of fans something new to obsess over. A series of Lost action figures is scheduled to be released late fall, 2006, and is destined to populate office cubicles around the country.

McFarlane Toys' Lost Series 1 captures six fan-favorite characters from the series' first season: Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Charlie and Shannon. Each 6-inch Lost figure will have a detailed base and photographic backdrop, capturing an episode-specific moment in the character's story. In addition, each package will include a detailed prop reproduction central to the character's story, enabling fans to "own" a piece of the show's mythology. For example, Kate's figure will be packaged with a reproduction of the toy airplane that plays so prominently into her backstory. More than just action figures, McFarlane's Lost figures will once again raise the bar for fans and for the industry.

We will also be releasing Lost deluxe boxed sets -- re-creating key moments between multiple characters, and small-scale dioramas -- replicating central locations such as the mysterious island and the infamous hatch.

To say that we are VERY excited about this is an understatement.

Check back tomorrow right here on Spawn.com for our first big reveal -- coinciding with the Lost season cliffhanger: a peek at one of the figures in the first series.

EDIT: Picture of Charlie now released
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These characters are toying with us
By William Keck, USA TODAY
"I'm going to be an action figure!!??"
That's what Malcolm David Kelley (Lost's Walt) exclaimed after the 14-year-old learned from his TV dad, Harold Perrineau (Michael), that the cast is getting plastic mini-me replicas.

Comics legend Todd McFarlane scanned the faces of Lost cast members and videotaped their bodies to help create their 6-inch versions.

Or more accurately in Malcolm's case, 4 inches, max.

"When you're doing a kid, there's less plastic, so Walt will probably come with Vincent, the dog, so people don't think we're cheating them," explains McFarlane, who created action figures for Kiss, The Simpsons, Napoleon Dynamite and Spawn.

Series 1, due this fall, will feature six original Lost characters: Jack, Kate, Locke, Charlie, Hurley and Shannon. Walt and Michael will come later.

As will Sawyer.

"Ideally, we want to have multiple series," McFarlane says. "But you want to get out of the gate strong. You've got to have the top two — Kate and Jack — but then I don't want to burn off all the top people. I'll probably do Sawyer with his shirt off for Series 2."

Some cast members were more excited about the prospect of becoming toys than others. "You have those that get it and those that don't," says McFarlane, who spent an hour with each actor. "Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) were real geeks who got it."

The one who didn't get it: Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

"He has that kind of anti-commercial thing," McFarlane says.

Maggie Grace (Shannon) had been killed off the show when McFarlane visited the Oahu set to do the scans. Grace met with the artist in Los Angeles to have her measurements taken for a bikini-clad version of Shannon, as seen in the pilot. (Figures of other dead characters including Boone, Libby and Ethan also are in the works.)

Each figure, with a suggested retail price of $15 to $20, will come with a prop, such as Kate's toy airplane, Charlie's Drive Shaft band ring and Hurley's lottery ticket.

"We're going to do our action figures in a slightly outside-the-box fashion," says show producer Damon Lindelof.

Case in point: The figures will speak sound bites that reflect their personalities and back stories. Press a button and bratty Shannon will say: "What's a four-letter word for 'I don't care'?" And Hurley repeats his infamous: "Stop. Wait. The numbers are bad!"


Additional Info:
Lost Action Figure Details
PROP: Kate's mugshot
-"If we can't live together, we're going to die alone."
-"Everybody wants me to be a leader, until I make a decision that they don't like."
-"There's something that you need to know... We're going to have a Locke problem, and I have to know that you've got my back."

PROP: Toy airplane
-"Jack!" (thunderclap and rain)
-Frightened; "One... Two... Three... Four... Five..."
-"If you're thinking about going for the cockpit, I'm going with you."
-"I only made-out with him, because torturing him didn't work."

PROP: Driveshaft ring
-Singing; "You all everybody... You all everybody..."
-"Guys... where are we?"
-"You don't know me! I'm a bloody Rock God!"

PROP: Walkabout brochure
-"I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful."
-"Don't ever tell me what I can't do! Ever!"
-”Do you want to know a secret?"

PROP: Island Map
-"What's a four-letter word for 'I don't care'?"
-"The plane had a black box, idiot... I'll eat on the rescue boat."
-"You want my information? Name: Shannon Rutherford. Age: 20. Address: Craphole Island."

PROP: Lottery ticket
-"Dude... I'm starving... I'm nowhere near that hungry."
-"You got some... Arzt... on you."
-"Stop! Wait! The numbers are bad!"
-"Welcome, to the first... and hopefully last... Island Open."

The Hatch Deluxe boxed set will replicate the opening of the outside of the hatch as depicted in the season one finale, and will include small scale figures of Locke, Kate, Jack and Hurley, a photographic background and a light feature.

Release date: Late Fall 2006
Approximate retail price: $24.99 - $29.99

Being a huge LOST fanboy and action figure collector, I would definitely buy these in a heartbeat.
According to other sites, Sawyer and Mr. Eko will be in future waves. Hopefully with Sun, Jin, Micheal and Claire! :)
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