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Is 2012 The Return of Female Rappers?

So far, 2012 has been a great year for the female emcee. We see new artists getting shine and Nicki Minaj becoming a household name. When is really the last time you've seen a woman dominate the rap game? It's been years and no matter how you feel about some of these girls they are trying to change the face of rap

Nicki Minaj
First up, we have the leader of the female rappers, Nicki. Love her or hate her, she has brought back female rap. Nobody else has even come close in the past 3 years. She is doing what a lot of veterans in the game never accomplished. In 3 short years Nicki has already performed at the Superbowl, had her own barbie doll, nail polishes, perfumes, makeup, etc just to name a few. She is really still a new artist. For her to gain so much popularity and stay relevant is a major accomplishment. Sometimes it even feels like all of her quick success takes a toll on her life and her feelings towards music. She has even said she is thinking about "retiring" Maybe it's all just a publicity stunt?
Azealia Banks
Next, we have a brown skinned potty mouth New Yorker, Azealia Banks. Her fame and popularity is largely due to her hit song "212" and her tweets. Azealia Comes for anyone no matter how old or long you've been around. Every week, she is battling and arguing with someone who pushed her buttons. When I first heart of her I honestly was completely turned off by her attitude. However, her amazing performances at Coachella 2012 has made me do a 180. She has awesome stage presence, raps clearly with a sickening flow. Not to mention her whole 90s vibe is reminiscent of Foxy Brown. This 20 year old firecracker has already been in V, Elle, W, GQ magazine. Fashion Gods love her and some male rappers love to hate her. I'm definitely rooting for this girl.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea is next. I really don't have much to say about this girl because I don't really listen to her. So far, she has some big names in her corner. T.I. has even signed her to Grand Hustle however I don't see it for her. Her accent is distracting and her songs don't do anything for me. She is pretty. I will give her that much. Many people also know Iggy from the beef she's had with Azealia Banks. Every blog has covered it and the whole "runaway slave master" line has made her a very polarizing rapper. People either love her or think she's a "wannabe". I have nothing against white rappers. A wack rapper is a wack rapper. So far Eminem is the only one that has really been taken serious.

Brianna Perry
Last, we have Miami native Brianna Perry. I never heard of this girl until I saw her video "Marilyn Monroe" on Beyonce's website. When you get a co-sign from Beyonce you definitely will have people seeing what you're about. As much as I love her Marilyn Monroe song, it gets tiring hearing so many women of color idolize that woman. However, her other material is just as great. Her flow is very different and there is something about her voice that makes me want to put on some heels and dance in the mirror. I'm anxious to see what she is going to do next. There are a lot of people who don't even know who she is. Definitely the least popular but one of the most talented in my opinion.

"Honorable" Mentions: Lola Monroe, Honey Cocaine, and The Bobby Effect

It's just great to see females doing their thing. I will never knock anyone's hustle. A female voice is necessary  in one of the most popular genres right now. What female rapper are you rooting for right now? Which girl is up next?

I personally hate Iggy Azalea and Pop Nicki but the rest I can deal with

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